Published On : Thu, Jul 9th, 2015

Trailer stuck-up: NHAI and PWD raise hands!

Nagpur: Even on ninth day of the mishap, the trailer is still remaining stuck up in the signboard structure on Wardha Road, near Chinchbhuwan. What a glaring example of apathy on the part of PWD, NMC, RTO and NHAI, though any of these could have come forward in public interest and do something to remove the stuck-up heavy machinery! No body realizes that if they wait for jurisdiction-wise clearance of rights to repair from their higher ups, it will be too late for maintaining smooth flow of traffic.

The NHAI (National Highway Authority) and PWD (Public Works Department) seem to be directly concerned with road safety and maintenance, yet none of the two is bothered about the mishap that has occurred on the road. Should it be called a mere negligence on their part or shirking the responsibility under the fictitious excuse of jurisdiction?

The NHAI says that it is the responsibility of PWD to take care of the mishap while the PWD calls it the responsibility of NHAI. How long the trailer will remain stuck-up is not at all their concern. Is the way of official attitude towards public accountability? Who is going to hang them if any of the two comes forward to the rescue of the stuck-up trailer? The Prime Minister is tired of reminding the citizens as well as government departments of their public accountability and acting without delay to any public cause, but this is what is the present scenario, sorry to say.

Another point to consider is who will take the responsibility of constructing the sign-board structure with such a low height knowing well that various types of construction works including the works of heavy industries are going on in the country and such transportation is quite inevitable. Moreover, if the sign-board structures of similar heights have been erected else where or on other roads, such problems are bound to crop up. The authorities now must immediately come into action and rectify their errors and do the needful.