Published On : Tue, Nov 17th, 2015

Townships sprawling in city; But where from will they get water?

Builders cannot be supplied water unless they construct their own water reservoirs, increase capacity and submit occupancy certificates

Nagpur: The city is growing in various senses and terms, so are growing the townships within the limits of Nagpur Municipal Corporation and even beyond. The NMC has decided not to supply water to the builders and developers of townships, and thy have been asked to make their own arrangement, and also fulfill certain conditions.

A large number of proposals are pending before NESL (Nagpur Environmental Services Limited) which supplies water connections. Mayor is the chairman of NESL. Such a decision of NMC has caused concern to all builders and developers. Flat owners are facing tremendous difficulty in managing water every day.

It may be mentioned that there are more than two dozen upcoming townships under constructions in and around the city. Some of them are completed while others are nearing completion. It is said that in these townships there happen to be 2500 to 3000 flats.

The capable persons, allured by lucrative advertisements on media get trapped and go for flats in such townships. Many living on rent have shifted to their flats in townships, but they have landed in tension finding that there is no regular provision for sufficient water for daily use and even for drinking.

They, facing severe water-crisis, are constantly urging their builders to provide water, but the builders in turn are diverting their problem to the NMC. Though bore-wells and wells have been provided in townships by builders, but they fall short of catering to the requirement of water.

NESL is overloaded with proposals
According to sources, the NESL is overloaded with proposals for water connections as builders had filed their applications with the NMC. Mayor, who heads NESL, has refused to provide water connections. The NESL is statutory body of NMC whose ex officio director is NMC commissioner. NESL and OCW have entered into a contract of 25 years for water supply. NESL reserves the right to provide new water connections, disconnect water supply and charge water tariff, making it less or more while OCW is a mere service provider.

Water in overhead tanks first
Mayor Pravin Datke has laid down a condition before builders that they should construct water overhead tanks in their townships with increased capacity for storage of sufficient water. As per NMC Act, the water supply can be made up to the sump in township. Builders have earned in crore by selling the flats, and they have places for making parks/ gardens and club-house, but they do not have place for building water overhead tanks; it is just because builders are not interested in making overhead tanks, pointed out Mayor. According to him, many builders are trying to seek connections without submitting occupancy certificates. He clarified that townships will get water connections only after completion of buildings and providing their own constructed water-supply system.

Against the strict attitude of NMC, the builders’ lobby is trying to use political pressure on Mayor as well as the administration. The builders find that their maximum flats are not getting sold out due to recession in the field. On the other side, Mayor is not going to budge against any pressure. Sources said, the water supply connection of Hada Township, opposite Geeta Mandir, Subhash Road, has been disconnected by the Mayor.

Connections to be given as per rule
For water supply to township there is required a pipe line of more than 6 inches. The priority of NMC is for those who have obtained rule-based water connections. Even the Grampanchayats and those villages have priority for water connection where water pipe lines are being laid, said Mayor, adding that the builders would be provided water supply only after they construct overhead water reservoirs, increase their water capacity and submit occupancy certificate. He admitted, “Even I am under pressure for priority sector.”