Published On : Thu, Aug 13th, 2015

Torrential rains turn Nagpur into an Island; City marooned

Aerial View of  Mankapur Flyover - Koradi road

Aerial View of Mankapur Flyover – Koradi road

Nagpur: Rains came down with all its might and flow over Nagpur, turning the city into literal piece of island. The torrential downpour swept away everyone’s expectation as it started since Wednesday night, shifting towards flood like situation in the city.
Heavy crowd turned up at Ambazari overflow point to catch first brimming of the season. The overbridge on Koradi road pushed down the stagnant waters while the buses around the Modern school got half drowned.

Nag Nadi ( River ) overflow

Nag Nadi ( River ) overflow

Almost every area experienced a drowning situation with the low lying area remained at the heavy receiving end.

Shiv Krishna Dhams around 400 house were rain water has entered

Shiv Krishna Dhams around 400 house were rain water has entered

The traffic came to standstill as the entire city gets cut off from the adjoining areas, thanks to the flooding rivers and nullahs.

Nag river flowing at the heart of city gushed with monstrous flow as its submerged major areas of the city locating on its banks.

Large numbers of trees are washed away while the streets turned into the mighty flow of ravishing waters.

IMG_2907Flooding waters rushed into many areas in Nagpur. The streets below flyovers literally went out of sight with the impact of heavy

IMG_2915As many as two gates of Gorewada Lake were opened to flood out the waters while the third started overflowing. Water level
crossed 315.60 mtr.

IMG_2912Similarly around 400 houses behind Koradi temple were stuck with knee deep waters that gushed inside the four walls. Some local residents helped the people reach to safety.