Published On : Tue, Jul 12th, 2016

Top cop claims reduction in crime rate but wants more… 

Police Commissioners Press Conference (4)
: A press meet was organized by the Police Department immediately after the review meet of all the Deputy Commissioners of Police, Assistant Commissioners of Police, Senior Police Inspectors, Police Sub Inspectors etc.

Apart from Commissioner of Police Sharda Prasad Yadav, Joint Commissioner of Police Santosh Rastogi, Additional Commissioner of Police Dr Suhas Varke, Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ranjan Kumar Sharma, Deputy Commissioner of Police Abhinash Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police Ishu Sindu, Deputy Commissioner of Police S Shridhar, Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajkumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police Pardesi, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Patil and Deputy Commissioner of Police Kalasagar were present in the press meet.

Commissioner of Police S P Yadav, while introducing the new Joint Commissioner of Police Santosh Rastogi and Dr Suhas Varke as new Additional Commissioner of Police, also dwelt on crime scenario, effective use of social media to curb various crimes, investigations, conviction rate, invoking of MCOCA against hardcore criminals etc during his interaction with the media persons.


SP Yadav CP of Nagpur Police
Commissioner of Police S P Yadav said that there is a significant reduction in the number of crimes under all heads including Murder, Rape, Theft, Chain Snatching etc. However, he claimed that he is not satisfied with this small reduction in the rate of crime. He feels that till such time when the citizens of Nagpur start to appreciate the functioning of police, when people start to feel safe and secure, when Nagpur city becomes totally crime free, till then he will not feel satisfied. CP S P Yadav said that people still have many grievances and crime still occurs in the city.


However, the Commissioner of Police said that the police personnel are leaving no stones unturned to ensure a crime free society. He claimed that every individual Police Station is active on social media including WhatsApp, Twitter etc. The various groups that have been made by individual police station is reaching out to vast majorities and passing on information. The effective use of WhatsApp has yielded its results in crime control and in investigations. This is also a great media for being connected to the people of the area.

Snatching of Mangalsutras hurts womens’ sentiments
The top cop further said that in India, especially Maharashtra, there is an emotional and religious attachment with the Mangalsutra. When the chain-snatchers take away these Mangalsutras, certain fear of ill-omen fills the heart of women. Therefore it is vital for every individual police station to work on controlling chain-snatching.

Santosh Rastogi Joint CP and CP S.P. Yadav
Talk of Nagpur being crime capital is rubbish
The Commissioner of Police then spoke about how Nagpur is often projected as Crime Capital and with highest crime rate etc. However, it is not true at all. He felt that the good activities and the achievements of Nagpur Police are not high-lighted so much. He claimed that he has been in the city as CP for the last 1 year and 3 months. He feels that Nagpur is slowly evolving as a crime free place.

Joint Commissioner of Police Santosh Rastogi then addressed the media persons and gave a brief introduction about himself. He said that he is from the 1998 batch and started his training in Akola. After being in some more postings, he has been the ADC to the Governor. After that he went on deputation to CBI and was posted in the Head Office. He was in the Cyber Crime Cell and Economic Offences Wing.

While answering to queries on some cases where the individual Police Stations have invoked MCOCA and how some “innocent” youth have also been illegally detained as offenders, CP Yadav said that when an FIR is filed, the law is set into motion. However, till it is proved guilty, one cannot flow with the wave and start alleging police fault. Just initiating MCOCA does not suffice, one has to prove it in the court.

While speaking about the low conviction rate, CP said that he is confident that all the 21 cases of MCOCA where he has okayed the slapping of stringent MCOCA will be accepted by the court and the goons will get convicted.

However, he also agreed that there are many factors that determine conviction like witnesses, prosecution lawyers etc.

Santosh Rastogi Joint CP of Nagpur Police
We cannot fight with the system
While explaining about how some cases get disposed and could not stand firm in the courts, he said that till 1995, the Government Pleaders used to work under the Commissioner of Police, but after 1995, they have become independent and often they get some Government Pleaders who are not able to fight the case properly in the court. We do not have a choice in which Government Pleader we want or don’t want.

Investigation is bound to take time
When asked about the Dabba Case and the way the investigations are moving in a snail’s pace, Commissioner of Police S P Yadav said that it has been only two months since this case was unearthed, but this Dabba Trading has been going on for many years. The investigations have been set into motion. Since Dabba Trading has been going on for years, investigating into the documents and other evidences are bound to take time.

The cloning of Hard Disks have been done and have been sent to Forensic Experts. The time taken by the Forensic Experts is not our prerogative. However, CP S P Yadav said that he is more confident of success now since the Joint Commissioner of Police is an expert and has experience in handling these cases. He also said that the Joint Commissioner of Police is also planning to hire on contract Chartered Accountants and financial experts to investigate the case. He claimed that more than 11 accused have already been arrested apart from the original number.

Commissioner of Police also added that the installation of CCTV is in the final stages. Similarly, he said that they are also working on improving the phone number 100 for attending to complaints of citizens.