Published On : Wed, Nov 17th, 2021
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Top 5 Automation Testing Certification Courses

A product is always tested for quality before it is launched in the market. The same holds true for building software. Companies always try to develop high-quality software to attract more customers and be ahead of the competition. This makes the role of software testers quite important. When exploring the subject of software testing, you will generally come across two types of tests – manual and automation. Though both of them have their share of pros and cons, automation testing takes a lead when we want a quicker time-to-market of any application or product. It involves the use of advanced automation tools to check for defects, bugs, or any other issues that can arise with software development.



If you are embarking on a career in automation testing, then we recommend you take an online software testing course. This is because proper training will give you step-by-step guidance regarding all the concepts of automation testing and help you develop job-ready skills. Owing to the popularity of automation testing, many courses are available over the internet and you may face difficulty finding the most suitable one. So, in this article, we have listed some of the best courses related to automation testing that you can take from the comfort of your home.


Let’s dive in!


Automation Test Engineer Master’s Program

Designed by – Simplilearn


Course Details – Gain the in-demand skills like Git, Jenkins, Selenium, and JMeter and advance your career as an automation test engineer with this master’s program by Simplilearn. Throughout the 12 months of training, you will gain software development, testing, and quality assurance technology skills. As a learner, you will get access to 360 hours of applied learning, over 15 in-demand tools and skills, 14 chapter-end and 4 phase-end hands-on projects, and 1 industry-aligned capstone project.


Here’s how the learning path is structured:

  • Implement software development and database fundamentals through agile
  • Get started with functional testing, TDD, and DevOps integration
  • Test and monitor your applications through non-functional and API testing
  • Learn mobile automation and cloud testing
  • Automation test engineer capstone


Software Testing and Automation Specialization

Designed by – the University of Minnesota (available on Coursera)


Course details – If you are a beginner to intermediate software developer and willing to learn about implementing testing techniques and tools in the development of your projects, then this course is for you. Some of the important concepts covered in this specialization are black-box and white box testing, formal testing theory and techniques, automated testing, and web and mobile testing. Moreover, you will understand how to write automated functional tests for both front-end and back-end code and measure the fault-finding effectiveness of a functional test suite using mutation testing.


This 4 months specialization program includes a series of four courses, namely:

  • Introduction to software testing
  • Black-box and white-box testing
  • Introduction to automated analysis
  • Web and mobile testing with Selenium


Automated Web Testing with Selenium and WebDriver Using Java

Designed by – Bryan Hansen (available on Pluralsight)


Course details – Take this course on Pluralsight to learn how to test web applications using first a record-and-playback approach with Selenium, and then a more advanced approach using WebDriver. This intermediate-level course offers you around 3 hours of in-depth learning modules in which you will first learn how to create a suite of tests and then understand how to test standard HTML elements like lists, tables, text, and button elements.


Here are the modules you will go through:

  • Getting started with Selenium
  • Using the Selenium IDE
  • Understanding WebDriver
  • Applying advanced WebDriver Techniques
  • Using Selenium Server
  • Building a framework

By the end of the program, you will not only have a fundamental understanding of how to perform automated testing but also create your own QA framework.


Selenium WebDriver with Java – Novice to Ninja + Interview

Designed by – Lets Kode It (available on Udemy)


Course details –  This high-rated course on Udemy will give you a detailed understanding of Web Automation Frameworks and Selenium WebDriver challenges with real-time examples. You will learn how to create appealing reports using the advanced reporting tool and explore build management using Maven. The instructors will explain to you how to design and implement structured automation frameworks using Page Object/Factory Model and perform continuous integration testing using Jenkins.


You will get access to 44 hours of on-demand video, 13 articles, and 344 downloadable resources. Moreover, there are 10 instructors to help you with queries within 24 hours, and guide you regarding interview questions and resume preparation.


Here are some of the important topics included in the program:

  • Selenium WebDriver – Running tests on various browsers
  • CSS Selectors – Advanced locators
  • Selenium WebDriver – Handling Synchronization Issues
  • Popular Interview Questions – Selenium WebDriver Exceptions
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Git and GitHub – Version Control System


Now that you have the options ready, which automation testing course are you going to sign up for? Whatever course you choose, you can be sure of gaining the right skills and be better prepared for cracking any software tester interview. The demand for software testers will continue to soar in the years to come, and you will be experiencing a rewarding career by entering this domain.