Published On : Sun, Jun 23rd, 2013

Top 10 heartbeat hangouts of Nagpur where youth finds perfect escape from chaos

Every city has its own set of hotspots that ravishes round the year with remarkable footfalls of the people seeking some solace, just to cool off the hush-bush in their lives. The somber mornings, silent evenings and scintillating nights are the most revered moments at these places. These elements clubbed with the feel good factor that one scores after coming to these spots make the place one of the most celebrated ones. And Nagpur too has its own share of pie when it comes to selection of the best places to hang out with friends, close friends and ahem, very close ‘friend’. While youth have their moments, the family too throng to share happy hours with each other.

Nagpur Today hand-picked top 10 places in the city which youth calls their ‘adda’ and domestic ones visit to just chill.

So…let’s go…….


Full on Fun at Futala Lake

Call it whatever you like – Telangkhedi Talab, Futala Lake or Marine Drive of Orange City – but the feel remains unanimous as the crazy lot drives towards this spot. The evenings remain busy here with some enjoying cool breeze, some endorsing the botanical gardens lying at the focal point on the adjacent side of this lake while many others hit out at the serial eateries to gorge on their favorite indulgence. The place has its own charm every evening as a huge number of youth and families hit at Futala for pure fun. The well secured pavements and absolutely cost free enjoyment makes it the double delight. Often some social organizations are seen operating their awareness drives to ensure maximum eyeballs.


Cooling moments at CCD

Nagpur’s GenEx got to learn some extra about coffee and its culture apart from enjoying some innovative sips when CCD ala café coffee day started steaming up their hearts at its first store opened at VCA. However the Pratap Nagar store is very popular for couples who believe that a lot can happen over a cup of coffee, romantic music, affordable rates and above all privacy is what makes someone choose this romantic place for a coffee.

Awesome Ambazari Garden-Lake side

As you stroll or drive through the Ambazari T-point every evening a large crowd of young boys and girls may not only catch your eyes but also prompts you to land up at the place to catch the sight of Ambazari Lake and Garden from the top. As you finish riding up the stairs, you will be greeted with a view to squeeze out your vow. Ambazari lake view is one of the hottest hang outs for ones who believe “Love blossoms by the lake side”.

Traffic Park – Perfect treat for toddlers

It’s a real bash for bachha party. NMC run Traffic Park at Dharampeth remains amassed with kids accompanied by their parents especially on the weekends. Don’t mind the prices go high during the peak days, for various rides inside the park. The carts loaded with meals squares up on the boundary of Traffic Park to treat some culinary moments to the people.

Botanical garden – Despite Risk hota hai Ishq

No matter infamous this spot becomes but it has gradually picked up the recognition as the favorite ‘love-joint’. Visit this garden and you may be caught unaware with the scene of your day. The romance circulates through the narrow bylanes, behind the thick stem of trees and dense cover of bushes in the garden. Everywhere you will find honey and bunnies. So what it’s little risky as often police comes to bring the love story to grind halt or the moral police bothers, the youth have just one say – “Jab pyar kiya toh darna kya”. Though the garden was opened for educational purpose but it’s now haven for love lessons.

Walkers lane

Perfect stretch for couples looking for work out along with pleasant walk.  The misty mornings and calm evenings make this spot a place worth visiting. Often the love birds are seen walking their talk with the blooming atmosphere.



Often the boys and girls hit at multiplexes not to watch flicks but to carry their ‘relationship’ forward. Didn’t get what we mean? Check out for yourself in the morning shows and scroll your eyes towards the back row when the lights get dim to make way for the screen projection and sleek romance on the back seats. The corner seats meant for lovers get booked every morning, matinee and evening shows in these theatres.

VIP Road

VIP Road is now a place where footpaths are not used by pedestrians but by some juice counters and the couples use the benches and gradually fall in love with all the mess up that has sprouted there.

Sonegaon Lake

Before the fencing was made, the crowd was less but now thanking the local authority whose efforts for making the lake beautiful turns out to be a boon in disguise for the ones who look for a change.

Amusement Parks

Up the hill and just chill, far from city close to heart are all these amusement parks where the privacy is high. Long Drives, dhaba food, some great fun filled rides are what makes this place a wonderful escape from the city clutters.