Published On : Tue, Jul 1st, 2014

Too early to predict drought; let’s wait till July 5 for good rains, says Met official in Nagpur

nagpur-rain-futalaNagpur News.

Hopeful eyes are staring curiously at the deterrent clouds… Citizens wait desperately in anticipation that it would rain soon. However the continuous dry spell has led to the distress and dismay, for it has not yet poured convincingly till this first day of July, indicating a broken monsoon ahead. The state fears drought like situation as the government has alerted worrying times for farmers desperately awaiting showers to begin their cultivation. On the top of it, the summer-hit citizens have rested their hopes on the defying clouds that could bring some wet and cheering moments to their scorching lives. Often the period around July 1 is considered as the time when the weather remains wet and cloudy, but the situation appears otherwise this time.

However the weather department thinks the other way. The officials believe though prediction of monsoon deficit holds some water; the department has sounded the shortfall of only 4 per cent. This means we may receive 96 per cent of the normal rainfall.


“And that figure is not too much worrying,” says Shiraj Khan, Assistant Meteorologist at Nagpur Met Department here. Khan added it would be too early to foresee drought out of current situation.

“Before we feel that we are left high and dry this monsoon, it would be ideal to wait for some time. No doubt monsoon is delayed but we cannot forecast it is drought so early,” Khan told Nagpur Today.

Citing reasons for the delay Khan said, “Monsoon however took a good start but it was distorted following the cyclonic storm Nanouk that pulled off all the moisture thus weakening the clouds. It was later shifted towards Gujarat and Rangoon.”

He added, “Even though the pattern is slightly weakened, it was nothing to worry at this moment. Monsoon sometimes arrives little late and the process is not unusual.”

Khan however worried over the side effects of the government declaring drought like situation too early. “This will encourage hoarding across the nation, thereby taking the inflation to new high. Government must discourage such elements and keep a check on hoarders trying to gain out of the people’s panic,” he said.

“We are expecting the cycle will pick up from July 5 from when the city may start receiving good amount of rains,” Khan told Nagpur Today.