Published On : Mon, Oct 31st, 2016

Tiwari performs bhoomipujan of Chhat Puja place at Ambazari Lake


Nagpur: The Ruling Party Leader in Nagpur Municipal Corporation Dayashankar Tiwari on Monday performed bhoomipujaj of puja place at Ambazari Lake where Chhat Puja will be celebrated by thousands of North Indians on November 6 and 7.

Those present on the occasion include National Chhat Puja Samiti Convener Vivek Sharma, Vice President Vakil Singh, Dr Jawaharlal Giri, Sanjay Singh, Shailendra Awasthi, Bhojpuri Vikas Samiti’s Krupashankar Tiwari, Moti Singh, Padmadeb Dubey, Ratneshwar Tiwari, Jeevan Shukla, North Indians Morcha’s Ajay Pathak, Laxman Singh, Rajesh Rawat, Rutuja Prasad, and others.

As Chhat is about worshipping the Sun, women who keep a 36-hour fast begin it with offering of water or aragh to the setting Sun and finish it off with a similar offering to rising sun the next day. The fast is observed for health and prosperity of the family. Women place fruits, vegetables, sugarcane and wheat preparation called Thekua on a bamboo tray. This tray is carried near a water body and women hold it as they stand in water to offer prayers first to the setting Sun and then early morning to rising Sun.

The aragh ceremony will be held at 5.35 pm on Sunday (November 6) and the second aragh ceremony is slated for 6.11 am on November 7.