Published On : Tue, Mar 26th, 2024
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Exclusive ‘Holi Rang Day’ Pre-Holi Bash Delights Ladies Near Nagpur


Nagpur: In a vibrant celebration of the upcoming festival of colors, an exclusive ‘Holi Rang Day’ pre-Holi bash was held on March 23 at AG Farms near Nagpur, catering exclusively to the ladies. Organized by Neelima Sood and Madhura Agarwal, with Poonam Kukreja playing the role of a gracious host, the event was a delightful fusion of tradition and festivity.

Guests were treated to a feast of delicious food, accompanied by the infectious beats of a DJ and the rhythmic reverberations of Dhol. The atmosphere was further electrified by a lively pool party, where laughter and joy filled the air.

Embracing the essence of the festival, natural colors adorned the festivities, adding a touch of authenticity to the revelry. Among the attendees were esteemed guests including Kanchan Chandwani, Divya Thuteja, Bhavishya Anwani, Khushboo Tembhurne,sonali Arora, Jasmeet, Hema Daswani, Roopa Tanwani, and Sunita Chawla, who all partook in the jubilant celebration.

As the day unfolded, camaraderie blossomed, and bonds were strengthened amidst the kaleidoscope of hues and laughter. ‘Holi Rang Day’ proved to be more than just a celebration; it was a memorable occasion filled with joy, friendship, and the spirit of togetherness, heralding the arrival of the much-awaited festival of colors.