Published On : Wed, Jul 29th, 2020

Tips To Choose Attractive Paint Colours For Interior Walls


The best way to choosing paint colours for your interior walls is, to begin with, the colours you prefer. When you apply the colours you love, you do it your way without being restricted by any colour schemes or decorating style. Choosing to put your favourite colour as the base colour and then creating a colour scheme that suits it is the best way to creatively paint your walls. However, if you are confused, below given are a few ways in which you can choose attractive paint colours and decorate your interior walls.


Consider the room furniture while selecting a wall paint colour


To bring more focus on your room’s furniture, select a complementary shade. For example, if your furniture is yellow coloured, you can paint your walls with a very light shade of lemon, thus making the furniture prominent. For decorating the room, you can even pick multiple colours and decorate the room with furniture accordingly.


  • Consider the room’s size


If you want to make your room appear cosy and small-spaced, you must go for darker shades while lighter shades will make your room appear spacious. Supposing you are choosing a wall paint colour for your dining space. If you want to make it compact and cosy, you can choose vibrant and warm colours, slightly on the darker side like red or shades of brown. On the other hand, if you want it to look bigger, you can go for yellow, white, etc.


  • Keep in mind the lighting of the room while selecting a paint colour


Before you choose a particular paint for walls, consider the lighting of your room. If your room has natural lighting, the true colour of the walls will be reflected whereas fluorescent lights would make your wall paint colours appear bluish. Incandescent lights, on the other hand, make the colours warmer.


  • Get Creative With Neutral Paint Colors


People tend to avoid choosing neutral shades. Surprisingly, they can transform the look of your room by giving it a classy and sophisticated touch. You can be creative while using the neutral shades on your walls. You can choose to fill your walls with stripes of neutral shades. Applying neutral shades is a good way of maintaining the soothing vibe of your room.


As we already said, choosing the right paint colour of your interior walls begins at home. When you head to the paint store, you get so many options that you become overwhelmed. Hence, narrow down your preferences and then try your favourite colour samples at home. Also, if you aren’t sure as to which of the paint colours would suit your wall, talk to a colour consultant. Before consulting anyone, you must go through and gather some ideas previously. Then proceed to discuss with the concerned person and take suggestions.


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