Published On : Fri, Dec 18th, 2015

Timirathun Tejakade : Power packed performances by jail inmates steal CM’s heart


Nagpur: It was a perfect symphony of performance and pure intent, a kind display of perseverance and reform, and a live demonstration of how a jail inmate can be transformed to become a main stream citizen. Adding to the delight, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was the party to the entire turn of events that happened during the course of a socio-cultural programme called ‘Timirathun Tejakade’ organised at Central Jail here.

Amused and equally impressed by the artistic best of the inmates,Fadnavis equaled the performance with any other professional one, and termed the initiative as landmark step towards reformation.


IMG_0008He said, “We look at the Central Prisons as places where Rehabilitation and Reformation of the person is undertaken. The performances that I witnessed showed the hidden talent in the inmates,and were no less than any professional artist. This also means that the Jail administration worked hard to bring out the real talents in each inmate and groom them for this programme.”

Revealing his optimistic views, Fadnavis said there is a good personality hidden in each person. “We often pray Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya. Let the prison be darkness from where an inmate should move towards good law-abiding life outside the jail. We wish that these jail inmates too emerge out to be good citizens and contribute towards the progress of the society at large.”

IMG_0003The programme started with two of the inmates dressed in old traditional Maharashtrian attire performed to huge applause. Later 27 inmates rendered a soul soothing group song, beautifully orchestrated by themselves with one one inmate on the tabla, another on harmonium and two inmates played dhols as the rest were singing. Another group beautifully depicted rural life during various religious festivals.

Even the vibrating lawni too found place in the performance dedicated to Goddess Ambe. A qawalli added a glint to this beautiful musical night.

This apart, a small skit on the state of the idols (especially the idol or statue of Mahatma Gandhi) was also presented with precision.

The artists showed how the statue is deformed, things on the statues are stolen, and how people realize the importance only when the birth or death anniversary comes and ministers garland the statue for a photo opportunity.

IMG_0012Then came a soul stirring moment where an inmate narrated in his true poetic style about the life in prison. He related the state of affairs from the first day and how the prison is a hell and not a place to be in. He urged the youth to control their anger which has often resulted in many youth languishing in the prisons.

The event was further topped up by an impressive mimicry presented by another inmate. Seven female inmates then grouped together to present a power packed lawni numbers on Songs “Disla Ga Bai Disla” and “Atha Zau dey Na Ghari”. Finally the grand finale was presented with the Glorious life of Chhatrapati Shivaji in a dance number.

Sanjay Pendse co-ordinated the cultural programme and M A Kadar provided musical instruments for the programme. Both were felicitated by the Chief Minister.

The vote of thanks was offered by Superintendent of Prison Desai who said that apart from all the Principal and Chief Secretaries of the Home Ministry, they were really wishing that if only the Chief Minister could spare few moments. Adding to the moment, the Chief Minister and Minister of State for Home affairs Ram Shinde too took out time from their busy schedule and attended the programme.