Published On : Fri, Feb 19th, 2016

Tiger makes a kill of 9 cattle in rural area of Nagpur district

Tiger kills cattleNagpur: A strayed tiger or tigress created terror in Tirkhura area in Umred Tehsil of Nagpur District when the big cat made a kill of nine cattle heads. The cattle were foraging near the farm of Shriram Bankar when the feline made them its victim. The killed cattle include four calves. The incident took place on Thursday night.

According to sources, a group of cattle herds is camping near the farm of Bankar. Since dark had descended, the cattle herds had made a stop and were waiting for dawn to proceed further. However, their wait proved disastrous as the hungry tiger attacked the nine of the cattle and killed them. The chaos woken up the sleeping cattle herds with a jolt. And to ascertain what had happened, the cattle herds were shocked to the core when they noticed the bloody scenario. The big cat was mauling their cattle including the calves ferociously. In the attack, nine cattle including cows and four calves got killed.
The sunrise the next day brought to light the horror as well as havoc the tiger had wreaked savagely. Police were immediately alerted and a team rushed the spot. After preliminary investigation, the cops also informed the Forest Department officials for further action.
Tiger attacks cattle
Tied cattle could not escape the attack:
It is learnt that the cattle were tied with each other as a safety measure on the part of cattle herds. But this very measure proved costly as the cows and calves could not escape to safer places when the tiger attacked them.

Further details are awaited.