Published On : Fri, Jun 3rd, 2016

Tiger kills 70-year-old woman in Borati near Nagpur

Tiger Killls old Woman in Borati, Mauda, Nagpur.
In another beastly attack, a tiger which was crouching in wait for a prey attacked an old woman who was working in the fields in Borati village near Mauda on June 2, 2016 and killed her.

The deceased old woman has been identified as Sonabai Waman Ghosle aged 70- years
Sources claimed that after attacking the old woman, the tiger had dragged her body for a distance of 500 meters. The tiger had mauled the old woman by thrusting its sharp nails into her neck. However, the tiger had deserted the old woman and ran away into the jungle.

Panic gripped the entire village after the tiger attack on the old woman. The approach road to and fro the village is now considered dangerous by the villagers.


With the monsoon round the corner, the farm work in the agriculture fields will increase. The villagers opined that the radius of the tiger’s movement is 20 kilometers.

The farmers and the farm labourers are at risk while working in the fields if the area is prone to tiger attacks. The villagers claimed that till date tigers used to attack only cattle and animals for food. This is the first time that a tiger has attacked a human being in this area.

The forest guards have started a frantic search for the tiger. The forest department officials have appealed to the villagers to support them while they have assured all help to ensure the area to be safe from attacks by wild animals.