Published On : Thu, Mar 30th, 2017

Three Resident Doctors thrashed in Thane – no end to violence against doctors

Thane: It has not even been a week since Doctors withdrew their state wide strike called to protest violence against them, and there has been an incidence of patients’ relatives thrashing residents in the Thane Govt. hospital again.

This time it was not over a patient’s death, but ironically when a Doctor was insisting on doing the right thing for the patient by not administering saline on his injured hand!

A woman Resident was also among the three who were beaten up badly.

The violent relatives also damaged hospital property and broke its glass windows.

It has been learnt that one Mustaki Menon, aged 23, had a tiff with his brother in their house in Thane and in the resulting altercation Mustaki’s hand was injured. He was rushed to the District Hospital since lot of blood was flowing from the injury.

Resident Doctor Javed Sheikh began treating him. During the treatment when the doctor wanted to administer intravenous saline, the patient insisted it be done to the same hand that was injured. When Dr. Sheikh pointed out that because of the injury it could not be done Mustaki started arguing and beating and kicking the Doctor.

The other two residents present with Javed, Salman Khan and lady doctor Dibanaz Ansari also began being beaten up by the patient’s relatives.

After that they began destroying the hospital’s furniture and glass. Later the relatives ran away from the scene.

Mustaki is still a patient at the hospital undergoing treatment.

The local police have registered an FIR and arrested some of the miscreants under the new law. They say even Mustaki will be taken in custody after he recovers.