Published On : Wed, Aug 5th, 2015

Three more trees succumb to incessant rains

Nagpur: With incessant rains that Nagpur city has been witnessing in the last three days, three more trees lost their root hold and fell down in three separate places in the city on August 4, 2015. However no loss to human life was reported in the tree falling. On receipt of information, the personnel of the fire department reached the spot and removed the fallen trees by cutting the trees into pieces.

According to the Fire Department, the smooth flow of traffic was hindered by trees falling in Darodkar Square, near Japanese Garden and near RBI Square. The personnel of the fire department reached all the three spots and removed the fallen trees by cutting the trees into pieces and restored the smooth flow of traffic on the roads.
The role of Traffic Police too was worth appreciating. The traffic branch personnel ensured that the vehicles use alternate routes and mayhem does not result.

Deputy of Commissioner of Police (Traffic Department) Bharat Tangde while speaking exclusively to Nagpur Today said that there is a Disaster Management Group consisting of top executive and administrative officials who do convene a meeting during emergencies.

According to DCP Tangde, he had sent many letters to Nagpur Municipal Corporation regarding the points where every year the road commuters face problems related to water-logging around six months ago. However, the civic authorities failed to redress the water-logging issue as a result of which many spots are heavily water-logged causing untold for miseries to the road commuters.
DCP Tangde claimed that last Sunday, i.e. August 2, 2015, the Chief Minister was arriving to the city. With the animals and cattle menace on the high, one can see cattle squatting on the road. DCP Tangde had called the civic authorities to remove the cattle squatting on the road or catch the cattle to put them in the cattle pond so that the road is free and safe for the CM’s convoy. However, the answer of the civic officials can puzzle any reader. The civic official is alleged to have said, “Since it is a Sunday, we do not have any personnel to catch the cattle or remove them from the road.” This displays the lethargy and lackadaisical attitude of the civic authorities.