Published On : Fri, Jun 3rd, 2016

Three goons who had threaten to kill doctor and demanded extortion apprehended


1e974b8a-fe62-4979-bbd1-47792044bd9b Nagpur: In what could be mentioned as systematic investigation, the Detective Branch of Dhantoli Police Station cracked the case of goons who had threatened to kill a dental doctor and demanded an extortion amount of Rs 1.50 lakh and nabbed the three goons in a record time of 4 hours from the time of the doctor lodging the complaint.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Namdeo Ingole while addressing media personnel on June 3, 2016, said that Dr Sudhir Meshram aged 34 years and a resident of Radharatan Dental Clinic, Lokmat Square had lodged a complaint that he received a threat call on his mobile phone from Mobile No 772106578 on May 18, 2016 when he was present in his clinic.  The goon had allegedly threatened the doctor and had said “Kat Dalenge” (will kill you) if he fails to meet the extortion demand.

Dr Sudhir Ramesh Meshram had again received the threat call and extortion demand on May 19, 2016 from the same mobile phone 7721063578. The doctor had started some minor renovation work in his hospital before going to Mumbai. However, on May 28, 2016, when the Doctor was away in Mumbai, tree masked goons came to the hospital broke the reception counter, broke some furnitures and ransacked the premises. The goons then went on to allegedly shout saying said that “Kahan hai Doctor?”, “Doctor Ney Abhi Tak Paise Nahi Diya”, “Hum Udhar Aa kar Kat Dalenge”, “Mar Dalenge” (Where is the doctor? The doctor has not paid the extortion amount yet. We will come there and kill the doctor) and abused the doctor with very abusive and vulgar words. The employees of the hospital who were visibly shaken had immediately informed Dr Meshram about the ransacking of the premises.

ed0eaf0a-0ada-49d9-abc9-688ad1e8d57cAfter returning from Mumbai, Dr Meshram lodged a complaint with Dhantoli Police Station about the threat calls and the way the goons had ransacking his premises in his absence.

The Investigating Officer Police Sub Inspector Mesre had no clues to go on since the goons who had come to the hospital and ransacked the premises were masked. All he had to go on was the mobile number through which the doctor had received the threat calls and the CCTV footage of the goons ransacking the premises.

After registering a case under Sections 387, 34 of IPC, Investigation Officer Police Sub Inspector Mesre of Dhantoli Police Station and the personnel of Detective Branch had started the drive to nab the accused goons.

Dr-Sudhir-Ramesh-MeshramThe cops started calling on the mobile number and soon when the person attended the call, the cops claimed that they were friends of Mukesh Gupta. They then met him and in the course of conversation, they came to know about the goons and the identity.

The goons are identified as follows:

  1. Mukesh Ramji Gupta alias Shahu aged 20 years and resident of Bajrang Square, Surendragad.
  2. Sunil Shrikant Pande aged 20 years and resident of Bajrang Square, Surendragad.
  3. Sanjay Channu Dhindore aged 21 years and resident of Bajrang Square, Surendragad.


The kingpin is said to be Mukesh Ramji Gupta was said to be working in the reception desk in the same hospital. He had worked for 8 months and had left 3 months ago. After the cops nabbed him, he had claimed that the doctor owed him a salary balance of Rs 8000/-. The accused Mukesh Gupta is said to have criminal antecedents. A case under Arms Act is said to be registered against the accused in Gittikhadan Police Station. He had allegedly procured the desi katta (country made pistol) from Jabalpur. Mukesh Gupta is said to be an auto-driver. When the accused had gone to ransack the hospital, he was allegedly carrying another desi Katta which he had procured from Butibori.

The Dhantoli Police Station has received Police Custodial Remand (PCR) till June 8, 2016.