Published On : Sat, Sep 17th, 2016

This aided school in Ramtek area is on ventilator!

Nagpur: Even though Nagpur District boasts of home to top ministers, including Chief Minister, the condition of several government aided schools and colleges is poor, to say the least. One such age-old school-college in Talva village (situated centrally between Kanhan and Tarsa) coming under Ramtek Assembly constituency is on ventilator due to many ills. The ministers often announce development projects for the district but are completely neglecting education sector, particularly in rural areas. With this pathetic situation, dreaming of qualitative education holds no meaning.

This particular school-college runs classes from 8 to 12. The students in the institute take education with scary faces as interior and outer walls have worn out and are on the verge of collapse. The students as well as teachers are risking their lives. Drinking water stored in a tank is home to bacteria and silt and thus highly contaminated. Toilets invite different kinds of diseases. Lights and fans in classrooms are missing. The Computer Section is only for the sake of name. No computer is functional. Whether the students are served the mid-day meal is a pertinent question the answer of which lies only with the authorities.

According to sources, the Director of the said school Vijay Katarkar has started a new college one kilometer away with the government aid received by the said school. This new institute runs classes up to 8th and has good facilities as compared to old one.

When the complaints regarding the miserable condition of Talva school-college reached to Shiv Sena leaders Vardharaj Pillai and Danial Shende, they visited the school along with Vidyarthi Sena acyivists and inspected it. The leaders demanded inspection of mid-day meal. But when it was not made available, they reached the place from where the mid-day meal was being supplied. The Sena men were taken aback when they came to know that the meal was not prepared since the past 2-3 months so the question of supplying to students does not arise. Taking the serious note of the messy affairs, the Shiv Sena leaders met Mauda-based Block Development Officer (BDO) and demanded stern action against the guilty. But surprisingly, the BDO neither probed the matter nor initiated action.

In sum, when the ‘white-collared’ entities neglect education, messy affair in the government aided schools and colleges is the outcome.



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