Published On : Wed, Apr 6th, 2016

This ad featuring Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh selling food products is unintentionally hilarious

We have to give it to Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. Despite the anount of flak he received for his films, the man perhaps still takes his dreams of acting seriously. Perhaps that’s why the spiritual leader appears in the latest ad of MSG organic food products.

The ad begins with Singh sitting at the head of a long table with a large group- all dressed in wedding attires and strange head gears.

Having taken a bite of what’s on his plate, the leader asks one Sharmaji as to why doesn’t he use kerosene instead of petrol in his car. Sharmaji states that how he can’t ‘destroy’ his cars. That is perhaps a metaphor in MSG’s world as he then goes on to tell the group that the food they are consuming will surely destroy their lives because the food has ‘jehar’.

The group is suitably shocked when the leader offers them to try MSG food products as they are organic. The products then spurt out of Singh’s hand miraculously.

Watch the video here: