Published On : Fri, Sep 14th, 2012

These Snake catchers couldn’t charm their way out

Police officials have finally disclosed the names of the accused caught in the Snake Venom mongering. Naresh Gajbhiye, 25, Achal Patil, 21, Ajay Khamankar, 25, Nilesh Mankar, 27 were given forest custody. Those who were granted MCR are Abhjit More, 30, Vinayak Gaikwad, 44, P M Anandkumar Minar, 36, Ajay Patankar, 40, Rajesh Awanuri, 30, Mohan Patel, 34, Davrao Wankhede, 26. Out of the above mentioned accused, Five were Sarpamitras. Forest officials laid a trap at Jagat Hotel in Sitabuldi on Thursday where 10 mm of venom was siezed. The venom was worth Seven Lakh. Six King Cobras, 1 Grass Snake and a chameleon were siezed from the accused. The Forest Department have booked the accused under section 9, 49 B, 52 and 57 of the Indian Forest Act 1927 and have been arrested. this particular incident is a very serious matter as some times these venom are used in Rave parties also.