Published On : Sat, Jun 3rd, 2017

“These are not genuine farmers on strike; they are traders’ children wearing Jeans” says Hansraj Ahir

Hansraj Ahir
Nagpur: On the sidelines of the confusion reigning among farmers about whether to continue the strike or not on the third day, comes a controversial and explosive statement from Hansraj Ahir, currently MoS for Home in the Union cabinet.

Speaking to a Marathi news channel TV9, Ahir commented:

“These don’t seem to be genuine farmers’ on strike since two days. Farmers would not have ‘wasted’ milk and vegetables like that by throwing them on the street.

These are youngsters wearing ‘jean pants’ and seem mostly to be sons of traders and merchants.

“There may be a few genuine farmers in the strike but I am sure 80% of those involved in the stir are not farmers but children of Traders.” Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, MoS Home, said contemptuously.