Published On : Sat, Jun 19th, 2021
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The Top 10 Impactful Microsoft Products Of All Time

The dream of Microsoft was built by two college dropouts, Bill Gates and Paul Allen. What started as a small computer dream company has become a top leader in its industry. Microsoft excelled simply in building the most successful operating system and has also launched many influential Microsoft products. Here is a list of the top 10 impactful Microsoft products of all time that we have been using all our life. 

1. Microsoft Windows 

The Windows operating system is undoubtedly one of the most influential products of all time. It was initially launched on November 20, 1985, and now even after 35 years, it still dominates the world of personal computers. Microsoft Windows still owns more than 90% of the market share, making it more popular than the Mac OS. 

2. Microsoft Office Suite

It is hard to imagine any document and professional work without the Microsoft Office Suite. The Microsoft Office 95 bundle was first rolled out in 1995 and it included Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Binder, Access and Schedule+. Even though few of the products like Binder and Access are rarely used nowadays, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel are indispensable. 

3. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer was a popular browser once upon a time. Initially rolled out in 1995, it provided a pathway for many other browsers. It enjoyed its popularity for a fairly long time before being replaced by Microsoft Edge. This browser was available in 95 languages. Internet Explorer is a part of Windows Server 2019 and owing to the long-term lifecycle versions, the browser will keep receiving security updates till 2029 for sure. 

4. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform developed for the public. The cloud platform alone supports 200 different products along with cloud service. It is designed to support global data centre buildout. The product is a huge hit amongst Fortune 500 companies, with 95% of the companies using its service. 

5. Microsoft Solitaire

Initially, Microsoft introduced the solitaire game along with other games to teach and familiarize the Windows users with the drag and drop feature. The game of Solitaire along with other variants like FreeCell and Spider Solitaire became a huge hit and it is still a very popular card game. 

6. Bing 

Bing is a popular search engine that was overshadowed by the success of Google. The search engine was launched in 2009 and was a replacement for Live Search. After Google, it is the second most popular search engine.

7. Visual Studio 

Visual Studio by Microsoft is a software that allows users to develop mobile applications, computer programs and mobile applications. Initially launched in 1997, it proved to be a great toolkit for developers. 

8. Xbox 360 

Not only Microsoft has provided the world with many great business products but also gaming products too. Xbox, which is popular among gamers, was developed by Microsoft in 2001. Later, Xbox 360 was launched in 2005. Xbox 360 has created a new arena for multiplayer games. Popular games on the Xbox 360 include Gears of War and Halo. 

9. Skype 

Skype is a cross-platform video calling app that allows you to make video calls. It is an instant messaging app that also supports voice calls and allows users to share text, videos and images. Mostly, Skype is used for video conference calls. In March 2020, Skype had more than 100 million monthly users. There was a 70% rise in its daily users when Covid-19 hit the world. 

10. Google Drive

Google Drive provides a cloud storage solution for both home and office work. Google Drive makes it easier to store, share and collaborate documents on all the platforms. In addition to providing cloud storage, it comes with Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides, which are a part of the Google Docs Editors office suite. 

Microsoft has come a long way with the development of many products. Many products have arrived and disappeared; others have evolved to be a better version. The truth about Microsoft is that it has made handling business and education easier. Last year, the revenue of Microsoft was US$ 143 billion, which clearly indicates that people from all across the globe love the product created by Microsoft.