Published On : Tue, Jul 21st, 2015

The Millennium School Celebrates ‘Greenathon-2015’



We are proud of our economic progress, and while we are also very proud of being the first country to reach mars on its first attempt, yet, we will feel a greater pride in the fact that we have become cleaner and greener than most other countries in the whole world. We all know the saying that “charity begins at home” so why not begin by keeping our campus clean and green that we live in; the country where educational institutes are considered as temples. Cleanliness does not require each and every one of us holding brooms but the very act of caring for cleaner surroundings can goad individuals into action.

So with following theme of clean and green environment, the Millennium School, Nagpur, celebrated Greenathon -2015 on 20th July 2015. The event highlighted the work being done by the school all these years to support the environment and keep it green and clean. The Greenathon Celebration was carried on throughout the day with each class having a different theme.






The celebrations started with a special assembly by the students of The Millennium School Eco-club, to which the entire school was invited. Everyone in school including children, teacher, and administration staff wore green dress for giving a positive massage among the society.

Students of Class Pre Primary dressed as vibrant eco fairies green fruits and vegetable at the time of assembly and class VI to VII  campaigned  with raising slogans – “Each One Plant One ” keeps your city clean and green . They distributed saplings to the people individually and they also talk about the importance of the plantation, clean and green environment to the society in front of the children traffic Park Nagpur. The school self boards was filled with ecologically themed art works.

Sadhana Pandey Principal, the Millennium School, Nagpur said that Greenathon-2015 Day Celebration had galvanized more students and people than any other event, showing concern about global healing and help understanding the importance of the three P’s — Protect, Preserve, Promote. The budding environmentalists of the Millennium School Nagpur celebrated the mega green event to spark awareness and make a difference to save our planet.