Published On : Thu, Mar 5th, 2015

The first Flea Market – Agora — set to step in Nagpur, in style

Nagpur Flea Market

Nagpur: The Second Capital City of Nagpur is virtually overflowing with hidden talents closed within the doors of their houses but have no platform where they can showcase themselves.  The shortcoming forced Apeksha Munde from Nagpur take an initiative towards organizing a Flea Market named Agora in city.

“The very idea of starting a flea market struck me while I was sitting and wondering where I can get things in Nagpur, and came to a conclusion that most of the buyers of Nagpur go to other metropolitan cities to shop, with myself being one of those, and later I decided why not bring stuff closer to the people instead,” said Apeksha.

Neither everyone shops online nor can everyone travel out of the city to shop. So viola, the organizing team came up with the whole Flea as Nagpur hasn’t witness one before, they say.

“Most of the exhibitions that happen within the city mostly concentrate on a certain target — either women centric/ home & decor/ luxury expo/ handicraft mela, etc. But the best part about a Flea Market is, you can rent the stall at minimal charges and put anything that you wish to. There are no constraints to what you sell. And in terms of a buyer, they can buy something from as low as Rs 5 to Rs. 3000! So I think both ways as an exhibitor and a buyer you are happy,” quipped Apeksha.

That being said, Flea is not just about product sales. It is an entertainment platform from 5 pm onwards for upcoming artists, musicians, dancers as well, that might be art of any form where they need a gathering of people so they can gain confidence and perform. Entertaining the shoppers and in return making themselves recognized come hand in hand.

Agora shall have all the above, along with a food section. Apeksha says, “When you walk into Agora, you are here for an experience! Shop, Eat & Celebrate!”

The Flea Market is opening at Chitnavis Centre on March 8 and will function from 10 am to 9 pm.