Published On : Wed, Jul 29th, 2015

The confusion between ‘Sex’ or ‘Success’ for Michael Clarke arises again!

Australian cricket team captain Michael Clarke had a good laugh with the reporters at the press conference ahead of the third Ashes Test – after he once again goofed up between sex and success.

Speaking about Australia’s comeback win at the Lord’s, Clarke went on to say that  “it’s all about executing the skills to have sex” before quickly correcting it to “success”, setting the ball of hilarity and gaffe in the room.

Smiling on his own slip, Michael said that this is not the first time it has happened with him.

The earlier occasion was when a reporter was caught in “sex or success” mistake during the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand earlier this year. At that time, Clarke was asked to comment on the “tremendous sex” he has enjoyed since taking over Australia’s captaincy.

The reporter, to his embarrassment, corrected himself to “success”.