The cast of Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain visits Nagpur


With the constant aim of entertaining the audience, Sony SAB’s most cherished show Jijjaji Chat Per Hain has been successful in delivering light-hearted and hilarious content, keeping the viewers hooked. Elaichi’s adorable antics and Pancham’s romantic gestures are some of the things that amuse the viewers the most. While the two recently got married secretly, after all the struggle, they still find it hard to spend time together with the fear of Murari, Elaichi’s father, finding out about their clandestine union. In their constant efforts to keep their marriage a secret from Murari, the duo is about to face a shocking turn in their life. However, through all these ups and downs, the one source of support that the couple could always count on, was their viewers who love and adore them and the show.

After waiting for so long and pretending to be Pintu’s fake husband, Pancham couldn’t protect this secret from coming out to Elaichi. However, this confrontation led to both of them confessing their love to each other. While Pancham might have undone one knot, he found himself being roped tighter into another one, this time with Elaichi. But, even after confessing their love for each other, Pancham and Elaichi had to get married in secret without informing their families. While this adorable couple has so far managed to hide their clandestine wedding from Elaichi’s parents, their honeymoon phase is set to plunge into turbulence as their secret might soon be revealed to Murari.

Overwhelmed with the love and affection of fans towards them, the cast of JijajiChhatPer Hain decided to visit the very beautiful city of Nagpur to express their gratitude. The stars we humbled on witnessing the craze amongst the audience and were delighted on seeing the happiness their show gave to these fans.

Hiba Nawab, portraying the character of Elaichi said, “I can’t thank enough for the love and support our amazing audience has shown towards this show, JijajiChhatPer Hain and specially for the character Elaichi. I always wanted to visit Nagpur to taste the delicious ‘TarriPoha’ and Orange Barfi. It has been a lovely experience coming to this beautiful city and meeting all the enthusiastic people and I am looking forward to having some great time here.”

Nikhil Khurana, playing the role of Pancham said, “I cannot express my excitement on visiting the beautiful city of Nagpur, to promote the show amongst all our fans. We work really hard to entertain our audience and it all pays off when we receive unconditional love from the fans in return. I am sure people of Nagpur are also equally excited to meet us as we are to meet them and have loads of fun.”

AnupUpadhyay, playing the role of Murari said, “I have been to Nagpur previously and its always such a delight to be visiting this city. Coming back here to promote our show amongst all these lovely people, is just another feeling altogether. People of Nagpur are very welcoming and I am so excited to enjoy the delicious street food here.”

Catch this charming duo on-screen on JijajiChhatPer Hain, Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM only on Sony SAB