Published On : Thu, Sep 1st, 2016

The Best Places To Have A Burger In Nagpur

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1) Pestro’s Shack (Futala)
Perhaps the only eating joint in the city that has one entire page of its menu dedicated to burgers, Pestro’s Shack has an amazing range – from the Salami Chicken Burger to the Veg Fiery Burger. Situated with a scenic view of Futala Lake, Pestro’s Fiery Burgers are most well-known of the lot, known for their spice quotient!

2) The Secret Shop (Near Mate Square)
With burgers named The Ron Swanson Burger and The DD, The Burger Shop offers one of the best non-vegetarian options when it comes to burgers in Nagpur. With an aim to move away from the extra sauces and mayo found in many city joints, the team behind The Secret Shop promises fresh, bold flavours and huge burgers – just the way they’re supposed to be. Go try!

3) Opulence cafe (Gokulpeth)
A small cafe tucked in the lanes of Gokulpeth, this is perhaps the only place in Nagpur where you’ll get their signature four-cheese burger filled with four different types of cheese, onion and red pepper. Another must-try at Opulence is their fried chicken burger, to be downed with their super-strong cold coffee!

4) Mocha (Dharampeth)
Though not known for its burgers exactly, but the Pulled Chicken Burger at Mocha is definitely worth a try and lives up to one’s expectations of deliciousness. Other recommended burgers at Mocha are the innovative Falafel Burger and the OMG Grilled Chicken burger – both unique tastes that are difficult to find at any other burger joint in the city.

5) Fuel Station (Shankar Nagar)
A popular maggi and fries joint, Fuel Station at Shankar Nagar is also a great place to have some vegetarian burgers. Offering the choice of of a jumbo, spicy, vegetarian and paneer burger, the burgers are tasty and filling. Have their burgers as part of their well-priced combos and pasta!

Pic credit : Unsplash