Published On : Tue, Jul 5th, 2016

The 5 Best Places For Moong Pakodas In Nagpur

Moong Pakode
Most popular Moong Pakoda spots in Nagpur that add spice to rains

As the rains hit the city and we welcome the monsoon in all its glory, one certainly craves for piping hot snacks. And what better way to enjoy the monsoon than getting a plate full of hot moong pakodas with some lip-smacking green chutney.

So, for this culinary satisfaction, ShoutOut takes you to some of the most popular moong pakoda hangouts in Nagpur –

Gupta ji Pakode wala
Location: Coffee House Square Dharampeth.


Gupta Pakodewala
Moong Pakodas at this spot see an extremely high demand during the rains. And you need to wait at times to get your share of servings. But the wait is worth it once you sample these sizzling treats.

Santosh Pakodewala
Location: Omkar Nagar Chowk, Manewada.


Santosh Pakodewala

Another popular moong dal pakoda spot that serves great taste blended with spicy chutney. Rains are even more fun with these partly crispy, partly soft deep-fried snacks.

Location: Telangkhedi Lake, beside Hanuman Mandir.


Samosawala Moong Pakoda
Though the name suggests its samosa speciality, there are more takers for its specially prepared moong pakodas served with dahi, imli and green chutney. You can also opt for your flavor of chutney by choosing either or all of the three ingredients.

Thakur Pakodewala
Location: Medical Square.


Thakur Pakodewala
If you want to add a dose of the crunchiest moong pakodas to enjoy the rainy splendor outside, dig into the hot pakodas served at this place located in the heart of the city. The right mix of ingredients in the pakodas makes them a real delight among spice-lovers.

Location: Telipura Road, Sitabuldi.

This place is an evergreen pakoda hotspot with its trademark taste that has now become one of the pet indulgences of Nagpurkars. These Pakodas are now being ordered to cater to a lot of small and big occasions, while rains are perfect excuse for people to crowd this place.