Published On : Sat, Dec 3rd, 2016

That-Bat annual regional food festival will begin with Marathi thali this Monday. Will accept credit cards/checks

Haldirams have begun accepting credit/ debit cards and even checks at That Bat, their landmark thali restaurant and all their other fast food outlets and mithai shops too. The much awaited ‘Foods of India’ thali festival is beginning on 5th, the coming Monday. They have changed the order to have the Maharashtrian thali first this time.


“We do not like to see our customers standing in queues to pay, hence we had not begun Credit card system for a long time… but now we have changed with the requirements of the time. But we are equipping every popular outlet of ours with machines of various establishments so there is an option of using different credit and debit cards. We do not want anyone to be inconvenienced because the ‘server’ of a particular bank is down and the transaction is not happening smoothly” said Naresh Duggal, M.D. of Haldiram at a press conference today.


As usual, the festival shall be accompanied by weekly lucky draws and a bumper draw at the end of the month. There will be surprise gifts for patrons every day too – no one will be disappointed.

The food will also see a change from their usual fare. Spice and flavours will be predominant. New items will be included.

“We keep doing Research throughout the year to decide on menu and


dishes to offer” said Duggal.
For instance, the Marathi fare will offer the very popular ‘jhunka/ pithala’ in different flavors – with tomato, with green onions and with dry fruits too!

The order of the weekly festivals this year will be – Marathi, Gujarathi, Marwari and then Punjabi as the grand climax.dsc06704