Published On : Tue, Apr 15th, 2014

Thanks to Supreme Court; now we can live a respectful life- Uttam Baba Senapati


April, 15, 2014 is the day of celebration for us and is not less than any festival. We are celebrating our freedom, respect and rights today says Uttam Baba Senapati

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In a milestone judgment, the Supreme Court of India on Tuesday created the “third gender” status for transgender or Kinnar. Now the transgender will be treated as socially and economically backward. This is for the first time that the third gender has got a formal recognition. The third gender people will be considered as OBCs said SC. The SC said they will be given educational and employment reservation as OBCs. The court also told Centre to devise social welfare schemes for third gender community and run a public awareness campaign to erase social stigma. However, the bench clarified that its verdict pertains only to eunuchs and not other sections of society like gays, lesbians and bisexuals who are also considered under the umbrella term ‘transgender’. Now transgender will also have a seat reserved in parliament. City Transgender are elated by the decision of Supreme Court and are in a festive mood.


Nagpur Today spoke with President of Bhartiya Kinnar Sarva Samaj Seva Samiti Uttam Baba Senapati in an attempt to know their reaction to this verdict of Supreme Court. Uttam Baba Senapati told Nagpur Today that the Hijra community is elated with this decision and today is the day of festival.
When asked, how far this verdict will help the transgender to live a honourable and better life in our society, Uttam Baba said that this decision of Supreme Court has given them the right of equality. Uttam added that now they have an independent category similar to male or female. Uttam hoped that the society will soon change their attitude and point of view towards them henceforth. With this verdict, the transgenders can get opportunities of education, job and a better carreer if they succeed to excel in their education. This verdict by Supreme Court society doesn’t have any reason to reject them or not except eunuchs. Supreme Court has said that transgenders will now be allowed to get admissions in educational institutions and will get gainfull employment on the basis that they belong to the third gender category. Uttam Baba Senapati added that transgender used to get respect in the society earlier too but now the situation has changed and till this verdict came about, they faced discrimination and harassment from various quarters. With this verdict, we will get our respect back.
Uttam Baba Senapati told Nagpur Today that there are many Eunuchs or Hijras living in the city. Some of them are educated, some even graduates too with the existing frame of minset of the society, they could not get gainful employment. With the mercy of the Supreme Court they will get better opportunities for their life.
Uttam Baba Senapati also said that the right to adopt a child is one of the appreciative decisions given by the honorable Supreme Court and the community is touched and deeply moved by this verdict of SC.
Uttam Baba Senapati on behalf of all Eunuch or Hijras of the city thanked Supreme Court for this historical decision for them and also said that this is not only the victory of Transgender but equal credit goes to those people of the society who always supported us, respected us and stood up for us.
The other Hijras who supported and welcomed this verdict included Secretary of Bhartiya Kinnar Sarva Samaj Seva Samiti Vidhya Kamble, Vice-President of Bhartiya Kinnar Sarva Samaj Seva Samiti Cham Cham Gajbiye, Sangeeta and many others.

…By Puja Singh, Pics by Amol Gajbiye