Published On : Thu, Mar 24th, 2016

Ten incidents of fire reported in City on Wenesday

fire in nagpurNagpur: Ten incidents of fire reported on Wednesday kept the city fire department personnel on toes. The fire bell rang for the first time in department sharply at 3.30 am and kept ringing till late in the night.

According to information, burning of a saw machine at 3.30 am, started the day of the fire fighters. Later fire was reported at University campus on Amravati Road in the afternoon. Five fire engine were dispatched here. Meanwhile, the depo behind the Asoli village petrol pump on Bhandara Road caught fire. Following this, fire was reported at Teka Naka, village Lonar, Maharajbagh, Shahu Garden and other localities in the city.

Saw machine catches fire
A saw machine at village Kapsi on Bhandara Road caught fire , damaging property worth lakhs of rupees. Around half a dozen fire engines tried to douse put down the flames here. Sources blamed a short circuit for the fire. Engines from Lakadganj, Kalamna, Cotton Market and Sakkardara reached the spot to douse the fire. It is learnt that it took around two hours for the fire fighters to douse it completely.

According to fire fighters, there were no appropriate safety equipment at the site. They informed that the fire again was reported at the same site in the night and one vehicle was dispatched there.

Bamboo godown goes down in flames
A bamboo godown located behind the petrol pump in village Asoli on Bhandara Road caught fire at around 1.30 pm. Due to the vicinity of the petrol pump, fire fighters rushed to the spot in three fire engines. Later the engines from Kalamna, Lakadganj and Sakkardara too joined the fight against fire here.

Transformer blazes
A transformer near a gas agency in Teka Nakar caught fire. The people of the locality immediately alerted the fire department. One vehicle was dispatched there and the fire was easily brought under control. People here said timely intervention saved a major disaster from happening.

Tree catches fire
A dead tree caught fire at Mal Dhakka in Lakadganj. The vigilance of fire fighters again prevented a major disaster here. Another fire was reported in the farm near Bhosala Military School in village Lonar. Onlookers informed that dried grass first caught fire and it later spread but was brought under control. A bamboo tree near Futala Lake in Telangkhedi also caught fire.

A hut and garbage catch fire
At around 9.45 pm, a hut in Surendra Nagar caught fire. It was completely by the time fire fighters reached the spot. Hut owner, identified as Uike reported that property worth 1 lakh was destroyed in the fire. Garbage at Shahu Garden in Sakkardara went up in blaze at around 8.50 pm. Prior to this, fire was reported behind Matruseva Sangha at around 12.20 pm. Fire engine being used to douse the fire that erupted at the university campus premises at Amravati Road on Wednesday. 10 instances of fire reported in the city on Wednesday