Published On : Wed, Jan 15th, 2020

Teaser for “Safalta 0 km” starring Dharmesh Yelande shall force you to twirl and shake a leg!!

“SAFALTA 0 KM” is the first dance-based film in Gujarati Cinema. Director Akshay Yagnik, Producer Pinal Patel, are debuting with Gujarati film and Actor Dharmesh Yelande after doing several Bollywood films now debuting in Gujrati cinema with Safalta 0km.

The teaser will make you tap your feet and stir your emotions. Though it is just a teeny glimpse of the film, there is a lot more to watch out for. Dharmesh does full justice to his role as even in real life he is extremely passionate about dance.

Akshay provided an interesting insight into the film as he said “This film is partially inspired by my own life’s journey with some elements of fiction. Right from the beginning I always wanted to cast Dharmesh Yelande for the role of Shaurya Mehta.”

As we all know Dharmesh has struggled extensively to reach where he is. His hard-work and dedication is an inspiration for all.

The teaser starts with the dialogue, “I don’t know whether this dance will make or ruin my life”. Shaurya risked it all. His journey towards making dance his only insanity, his only high shall get us thinking. It is surely going to be an inspiring story for all those dance aspirants.

The movie has a message for everyone from all age groups.

It explains the true meaning of success.

It not only has a lot of dance but a wide spectrum of emotions and some really quirky dance tracks that are surely going to be dance anthems post-release. Excellent music by music directors Veeral- Laavan.

Apart from Dharmesh, there are some exceptional performances from Nikunj Modi, Manisha Thakkar, Shivani Joshi,Tarun Nihilani, Shivani Patel, Dharmesh Vyas, Kurush Deboo, Uday Modi, Paurvi Joshi and Shivam Tiwari. The movie is Produced under the banner of RZ Entertainment Pvt.Ltd. and will be releasing on 14th February 2020.