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    Published On : Fri, Sep 5th, 2014
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    Teaching is not profession, it is passion to make students’ lives full of values, ethics: Teachers

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    One of the biggest influences on a student in the classroom is the teacher. We all look up or looked up to our teachers. We have many great teachers, but there are some who really cared and were there to motivate and help us become what we are today. The teachers leave a huge influence on us. We just needed a little motivation. Many might not think that a teacher can influence us in many ways. But they do! Teachers play an intrinsic role in shaping the psycho-socio-economic persona that one becomes in life. Small encouragements, a small praise in front of the entire class-room, by our teachers leave a lasting impression on our minds and hearts. However, a whole generation of passionate teachers of yester-years will go off the horizon by 2019. They did succeed in leaving a lasting impression on almost all the professional of today.

    Nagpur Today spoke to a few eminent Principals of High Schools to know what it takes to leave a lasting impression on the students.

    Principal of Hislop College Dr Dipti Christian said that the “Teachers who walk the talk” leave a lasting impression on the minds of the students. The students are very observant and sensitive to what is happening in the classroom. Teachers who impart value education in their own subject are remembered. The subject matter may get forgotten but the values stay on. Continuous interaction with the students keeps one abreast with the latest in the subject too.”

    Vice-Principal of R S Mundle Junior College (Dharampeth College)  Dr Manjushree Sardeshpande said that when she was a school student, Sister Kabrini of St Josephs Convent was her favourite teacher. She claimed that it is only because of Sister Kabrini that she had developed a love for the English Language. She even became a teacher only since somewhere deep within, she wanted to ape her and become like her. Manjushree said that Sister Kabrini was a role model for her. Everything that Sister Kabrini did, her mannerisms, the way she addressed the students (“Yes my Child”), the way she taught, the way she pronounced the words etc left an indelible mark in her mind, claims Manjushree.

    Principal of St Ursula Girls’ High School Rachana Singh said that being a mentor and available to give a patient hearing to them can leave a lasting impression on the children. She claimed that some girls come to her with their personal problems even after passing out and getting married. She said that the values that the teachers impart make them good human beings.

    Principal of Bishop Cotton High School (Senior) Manjusha Stephenson said that in today’s fast paced life, the teacher who has a lot of patience, is ready to change keeping in mind the technological advancement etc alone leaves a lasting impression. The values that a teacher is able to impart, alone stay with the students throughout their lives. My teacher, former Principal Khurshid Masani of  J N Tata Parsi Girls’ High School who used to teach English and Music made that kind of lasting impression on my life.

    Senior Teacher of Bishop Cotton High School Veera Lawrence said that she can never forget her class-teacher Doreen Karat who made her feel welcome and loved even when she was the new comer in the class. She has always tried to emulate her in her own life too.

    Principal of Bishop Cotton Primary School (Junior) Lilian Makasare said that an ideal teacher is one who is a role model for the students. She added that a good teacher does not need Computers, LCD TVs etc if he or she is perfect and prepared for the subject. However, she also said that attire and hair-do equally matters.

    Principal of Dinanath High School and Junior College Sunita Roy said that an ideal teacher is one who leaves an indelible mark in the minds and lives of every student. It is not the salary that makes a teacher happy, complete and fulfilled, instead it is the feeling one experiences when past students see you in public places, identify you and prostrate themselves before you. When these past students come and tell us that Sir / Madam, what you taught us then is what has helped us become what we are today. The maternal and the paternal instincts which accompany the teaching in the classroom is what leave a very strong mark in their lives. The importance of the values and ethics that the teachers impart is understood by the students only when they pass out and become professionals. It is then they realize the importance a particular teacher had in their lives.

    Principal of Saraswati Vidyalaya Prabhuraman said that the education system is declining and we are badly in need of a good passionate teacher. These teachers should be interested in imparting values to the students. He said that nowadays, students “Study more but are less educated”. All that they can learn from books is pure academic knowledge, but being educated includes values and ethics which make us good human beings. The teacher who has love for the students and has good command over his or her subjects is one who leaves a lasting impression in the minds of students. He claimed that he has been a Principal from 1988. He said that the students who score 95 %, off-course do well in their life, become doctors, engineers and other well qualified professionals. However, it is those students who had lost hope in education but on the urgings and encouragements from Prabhuraman got 45%. It is those students who still remember and visit him. He feels happy for making that impact on at least a few lives.

    Former teacher of kindergarten Advocate Aruna Purohit said that her teacher David was the one who made a difference in her life. Even when Aruna was a teacher and David her Headmistress, she influenced her, since David herself was a much disciplined, systematic in her life-style that she ingrained and influenced other teachers and herself to become like David.

    Lecturer of Architecture in Private College Penaz Medora said that apart from various teachers, it is every person’s mother who is the best teacher. Right from the time a person is born, the mother is the one who teaches various physical and social skills and approved behavior. Penaz claimed that her own mother Shiraz Medora, who is a teacher with J N Tata Parsi Girls’ High School, continues to be her teacher, her mentor and her guide who plays an intrinsic role in her life. Penaz claimed that it is only because of Shiraz Medora that she is who she is.

    Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Bharat Tangde said that when he was studying in the school, a lady mathematics teacher named Shamin transformed him. From a hater of Mathematics, he developed a love for mathematics. According to DCP Tangde, an ideal teacher is one who identifies the hidden potential in every student, brings it out, develops it and helps you to nurture it. The hidden potential need not be academic capacities alone, it can be some personality trait, talents etc which helps us to go forward with confidence in the society, accept the challenges which is beautifully called as life.
    As told to Samuel Gunasekharan

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