Published On : Wed, Feb 10th, 2016

Tantrum of talking indecently with lady cops proves costly for two college ruffians

nagpur police controlNagpur: An indecent tantrum on the part of two young brats to ruffle the sentiments of duty-performing lady cops at Police Control Room by way of frequent phone calls and vulgar conversation proved costly for them. Fed up with the anonymous calls and indecent conversation instead of genuine complaints, the lady cops took up the cudgels thrown up by the ‘invisible’ callers and decided to trace them in hi-fi way. And they succeeded in their ‘mission’ too and ultimately put them behind bars.
How the outraged cops traced the two ruffians?

The two rascals have been identified as Suraj Patil and Atul Wahane. These very two brats had put the lady cops at Control Room on their toes. During the period from January 1 to 22, the two miscreants called the number 100 for a total of 55 times. The modus operandi of the two accused was that as soon as the lady police personnel lifted the phone receiver, Suraj and Atul would start conversation in vulgar language. Initially, the women police disregarded the tantrum. However, when the frequency of the calls increased and obscene conversations reached its indecent peak, the victimized lady cops apprised the DCP Deepali Masirkar and sought her help in curbing the lewd accused. Taking note of the matter seriously, the senior police officials ordered probe into the matter.

nagpur Police control room

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In fact, the two ruffians had put up a challenge of sorts before the cops. As a first step to trace the lewd callers, cops traced the mobile phones of them. A technical scan pointed out that the caller was Suraj Patil. Suraj, studying in Katol-based college and his friend Atul Wahane, were found calling the Police Control Room frequently and talking indecently. Once traced the callers, the two mischief-mongers were arrested and put behind bars in a swift action. Shockingly, both the young brats are highly educated. Suraj is in MSc First Year while Atul is doing BCom Second Year.