Published On : Sat, Jan 20th, 2018

Takes NMC’s help to grab Mehadia Bhavan’s land

Nagpur: It seems Nagpur Municipal Corporation has started taking the contract of vacating the tenants from the buildings. One such incident has come to light where NMC has been intervening to vacate tenants from the Mehadia Bhavan situated opposite to Yeshwant Stadium and at Mehadia Square.

The Mehadia building which belonged to Pachariwala is in dilapidated condition. Since the Pachariwala family was neither getting rent from the tenants as per the market rate nor were they vacating so they sold off the building. But it was just from frying pan to fire as this buyer also cheated them. One who bought the building took the help of NMC’s Anti-Encroachment Department to get the tenants vacated. The partners of this new owner of this building is the former official of NMC.

According to sources of the tenants the former owner Pachariwala made agreement with the buyer one Varma and the deal was finalised for Rs 1.88 crore along with tenants. The buyer has been accused of cheating Pachariwala by bungling and changing the deal for just Rs 88 lakhs. It is alleged that Verma changed the page where it was mentioned that the building has been sold for Rs 1.88 and made it as just Rs 88 lakhs. Out of this Verma has made part payment in cash to shareholders of Pachariwala family. According to a close aide of Pachariwala the buyer is alleged to have shown the big huge building as a vacant land and got the registry done in his own name which is actually fake. Some tenants have knocked the court door. Though the land is not theirs but they are not ready to leave the prime place and so they gone to court against Verma.

On the other hand Verma has taken the help of NMC’s Anti-Encroachment Department to vacate the tenants who have not gone to the court by showing the portion of the building in dilapidated condition so that it can be razed. And so NMC’s Anti- Encroachment Department took action just two days back. The windows and door were pulled out and Verma removed the door and windows from there with the help of his people. This action has helped Verma because the other portion has become weak. The tenants have alleged that NMC became active because Verma’s partner is a former official of NMC and under his pressure it was done. Verma has been trying to get the land worth Rs 20 crore just in lakhs by distributing money at various level.