Published On : Wed, Apr 10th, 2024

Tajuddin Baba descendant gets death threat from Pak Taliban after joining BJP: Report


Nagpur: Syed Taleef Taji, a descendant of the Sufi Saint Tajuddin Baba and recently associated with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), claims to have received threatening letters from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a report in a local English daily said.

According to Taji, these letters were delivered via email, post-midnight between Monday and Tuesday. Taji had been advocating for heightened security measures ever since his affiliation with the BJP, citing concerns of threats from fundamentalist organizations.

The reported content of one letter ominously suggests that individuals seeking Taji’s life have reached Nagpur, while asserting that neither law enforcement nor the Modi government would be capable of safeguarding him. Although Taji asserts having shared these letters with the police, there has been no discernible response from law enforcement agencies thus far, the report said.

Taji’s recent alignment with the BJP, prompted by an appeal from Union Home Minister Amit Shah, appears to have exacerbated tensions. Last month, an event celebrating Sufism at the Tajbagh shrine prominently featured Prime Minister Narendra Modi, emphasizing his purported support for Muslims and Sufism.

According to the report, among the threatening correspondences, one letter bearing the header ‘TTP Dera Ismail Khan’ warns Taji against associating with Modi and his administration, suggesting dire consequences. Dera Ismail Khan, the alleged place of origin for this letter, is situated in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan (NWFP). Another letter, attributed to a separate organization and purportedly sent by individuals named Saleem Qasmi and Ghazi Bhai, echoes similar warnings of impending harm should Taji persist in his allegiance to Modi.

In light of these developments, Taji’s safety remains a significant concern, particularly given the explicit threats conveyed in the purported letters. Efforts to address these security risks, including potential collaboration between Taji and law enforcement agencies, may be imperative to mitigate the perceived threat to his well-being.