Published On : Sat, Dec 28th, 2019

Tadoba gift to Gorewada Zoo, A Cub

Three days after tiger Sultan from Gorewada Wildlife Rescue Centre left for Borivali National Park in Mumbai, another tiger from Tadoba entered the rescue centre. At 6.30 pm on Friday, a team of Chandrapur Transit Treatment Centre reached Gorewada with a nine-month-old cub.

A few months ago, a tiger cub separated from his mother in Tadoba was found by the forest staff in a dying state. With no imme-diate treatment, the cub’s chances of survival were minimum. The forest department team rescued the cub and took him to the Transit Treatment Centre in Chandrapur for treatment. The cub’s life was saved due to the tire-less efforts of the veterinarians in the transit centre there.

Now this 9-month-old cub became completely healthy, but the problem of giving him a permanent house haunted the forest department .With no experience of liv-ing in the forest, it became difficult to release him in the forest area. So a meeting of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Committee on Tiger was called a few days ago.

A member suggested send-ing the cub to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, but other members objected to the idea. Yet other members suggested keeping the cub in Gorewada Maharajbagh Zoo as well.

Meanwhile, the tiger ‘Sultan’ has been dis-patched from Gorewada Rescue Centre to Borivali Park for breeding task. After which the tiger cub of Tadoba was given an entry in Gorewada on Friday. Nandkishore Kale, divisional administrator of Gorewada project con-firmed the arrival of the tiger cub.

On the other hand, Maharajbagh Zoo is also looking for a male tiger for its only tigress ‘Jean’. According to the rules of the Central Zoo Authority, a male tiger is required along with a tigress in the zoo For this, efforts are being made by the zoo management to bring the male tiger.

The Maharajbagh management has also sent a letter to the principal chief conservator of forests (wildlife) office. managing director of forest development corporation Maharashtra zoo authority and nagpur deputy conservator’s office, demanding the tiger. The Maharajbagh manage-ment had demanded the tiger cub of Tadoba. But Maharajbagh Zoo has not got any positive response to the letter from any office.