Published On : Mon, Aug 24th, 2015

Swines spread in Nagpur’s MLA hostel; NMC sees red in face!


Nagpur: The recent rains have created fine resting beds in the form of deluge for some ‘uninvited guests’ at Nagpur’s MLA hostel located in city’s upscale Civil Lines area. These are no influentials from the corridots of power but purely unhygeinic and litter loving creatures. Yes! we are talking about swines who have shot up their populace at one of the city’s most secured area.

Nagpur Today learnt that a part of the compound wall on the north-west side of MLA Hostel has collapsed making way for the swines’ inflow.

Nagpur Today caught up few of the full grown swines (pigs) straying within the sprawls of MLA hostel. As the last big lash of rains caused most of the gutters to overflow in many areas, the area surrounding MLA hostel too is no exception. The open gutters and sewer lines invited this unwanted breed to flourish in the premises.

Interestingly, the civic authories have turned hostile to this very situation. Ignoring the health hazards caused by the increasing number of pig population in the area, NMC authorities have significantly shown its lethargy.
The pigs roam in the MLA Hostel premises unobstructed. The hostel premises host many senior personnel or other government personnel from other states or other cities, does not paint a decent picture. What will they think of our city and the Municipal authorities?

Nagpur Today spoke to the In-charge of MLA Hostel, Assistant Engineer Sanjay Upadhaye about this. He claimed that after a long delay, finally they have got an approval to get the broken wall repaired. When asked why some temporary wire mesh cannot be installed to prevent the entry of pigs, Sanjay Upadhaye claimed that some petty thieves steal those wire mesh and sell it off to kabadi wallahs.

CYMERA_20150824_143453When asked if some security personnel cannot be appointed to shoo these pigs and their brood away, he said that in a recent development, the local authorities have decided to Outsource services like Security personnel and House Keeping since they are in dearth of staff. According to Sanjay Upadhaye, the old staff has retired and since no new recruitments are made for a considerably long time, they are in dearth of staff. It is highly shocking that the civic authority is unaware of the pig menace in government premises.

By Samuel Gunasekharan