Published On : Wed, May 11th, 2016

Sushant Singh Rajput rubbishes news of his ex-GF abusing him!

An online portal recently had their version of how and why actor Sushant Singh Rajput broke up with his long-time girlfriend, Ankita Lokhande.

As per the portal, they quoted a source who revealed that Ankita has a drinking problem and Sushant had been getting a bit too close for comfort with females, some of who are even celebrities. Reportedly, at a filmmaker’s house a ‘helluva fight, very ugly, very crass’ fight took place between the couple, during a party.

The website reported that SRR & Ankita were busy enjoying themselves with drinks. Ankita was in the other room, when she suddenly entered the room where SSR was having his drink. She saw that SSR was trying to get friendly with a very famous female celeb. SSR’s ‘friendly’ overtures were seen as ‘overfriendly’ by Ankita. And all hell broke loose. She abused SSR left, right and centre- choicest of Hindi expletives were used. The guests didn’t know where to look, Ankita continued unabated.

A few days back, Sushant took to twitter to announce his separation with Ankita in a dignified manner. However, hell broke loose today as the actor slammed these baseless reports (the website’s story) with a tweet. SSR replied to the story reported with a stern message: “Truth -Your Source Was getting close 2himself, didn’t like it, got drunk & then abused himself 4being close 2himself:)