Published On : Wed, Jan 21st, 2015

Survivor undergoing treatment at Wockhardt Hospital still critical

Though the patient is out of coma, she is still drowsy


Neelam Mishra (Durgesh), one of three survivors who met with a gruesome accident when their Mercedes-Benz hit a road-divider at great speed on January 19, 2015 is still said to be in critical condition.

Representational Pic

Representational Pic

While speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today, Centre Head of Wockhardt Multi-Specialty Hospital K Sujatha said that of the two victims of the road mishap who were admitted in Wockhardt, one youth identified as Hardik Harlaba regained consciousness, recovered from his superficial injuries and initial shock and was discharged at around 12:30. Sources said that his parents flew him back to Surat.

The second patient identified as Neelam Mishra (alias Durgesh) has come out of comatose stage. However, she is still drowsy. According to the treating Specialist Consultant Dr Shailesh Kelkar, she is only intermittently responding to verbal commands. The doctors opine that this could be because there is some contusion in the brain. Neelam is also said to have incurred a Right Clavicle fracture. There various other minor injuries, aberrations too. At the moment, the Treating Consultant Dr Shailesh Kelkar has put her on conservative plan of treatment. However, if and when a need arises, an invasive surgery will be performed. She is on medication and round the clock observation. The brother of Neelam has since arrived from Raipur and is monitoring her treatment. Sources said that her parents have not been informed as yet for not wanting to upset them.

It could be mentioned here that five friends Nisha Sharma, Jennifer Sharma, Neelam Mishra, Adan Afroz Ahmed and Hardik Harlaba who were students, studying in Nagpur had gone to Chindwara to attend the grand birthday party of Nisha’s grandfather Dr Matadin Sharma. Inspite of requests to stay back in the night and return the next day, the friends decided to return to Nagpur. The five friends started their return journey in the Mercedes-Benz with Hardik at the wheel. The friends assumed that they had a superb car in which to traverse the journey and they would be in Nagpur in no time at all.

It must have been with this thought that they sped along with the speedometer soon touching 120 Kms per hour. There is no knowing if Hardik lost control because he was sleepy and dozed off or just could not control the speed but just outside Chindwara when they were at the Ring Road the car banged against and climbed on to the divider. So big was the impact that the car soon burst into flames. There were other people too driving back to Nagpur who were following this ill fated car. They saw the accident and stopped at once. There are conflicting reports about what exactly transpired immediately afterwards. One friend says that Hardik was well enough to get out of the car on his own and he extricated the others out, even Jennifer who had succumbed on the spot and was no more.

They were brought to Nagpur and admitted to Wockhart. Unfortunately, Doctors of Wockhart declared Nisha dead on arrival spreading gloom over all the people gathered. Neelam Mishra, who hails from Bhopal was also critical and battling for life when they admitted her into Wockhardt Hospital. Hardik was a little better though badly injured too.

Miraculously, just one person in the car, Adan Ahmed got away with only scratches and has already been discharged from the hospital after being administered first aid. She was in a state of shock naturally and her parents took her home immediately. Till the time of filing the story, Adan is still is a state of shock and is in no position to talk to anyone. She is yet to come to terms that her friends are no more.