Published On : Fri, Sep 16th, 2016

Surge in Nagpur’s crime rate turns major concern for new police chief

Nagpur CP Dr K Venkatesham

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Nagpur: Ever since the new city police commissioner Dr K Venkatesham took over the charge he seems to be quite miffed with city’s law and order situation. Taking all his concern towards igniting crime rate in Nagpur, the police chief also took his officers to task during his first meeting with all the Deputy Commissioners of Police, Assistant Commissioners of Police, Senior Police Inspectors held on Wednesday at Police Gymkhana.

He is rightfully angry too since there has been two incidents of firing from the time he took charge. No accused have been arrested so far in the firing incidents nor do they even have any clues of the perpetrators of the crime or those behind the commission of crime.

One of the major reasons for the anger of city Police Chief Dr K Venkatesham is because Nagpur city is the Chief Minister and Home Minister’s home town.


During last Winter Session of Assembly, the opposition parties had called Nagpur as the Crime Capital of Maharashtra. At that time, Chief Minister had assured that he will work towards removing this stigma and reduce the crime rate and bring it to zero.

However despite the span of eight months, no positive developments are visible nor has the police department done anything significant in this direction. This has become an embarrassing situation for the Chief Minister and Home Minister. The citizens are now talking in hushed tones about police being responsible for this embarrassing situation for the Commissioner of Police and the Chief Minister.

The major criminal activities between Zone-1 to Zone V

  • According to sources, some of the senior most and hardcore criminals are no longer involved directly in any criminal activity which occurs in the city. There are many small timers and new comers (who want to become “Bhai”) are said to be involved in various criminal activities under the protection or blessings of the senior hard core criminals.
  • In recent times, sources claimed that many criminals from other cities or states are said to be used or hired to carry out criminal activities in the city. These criminals come to the city, commit the crime and escape from the city to their home-towns.
  • Many have a new fad of keeping fire-arms weapons even when it is not necessary. Sources claimed that slowly many rich and wealthy have developed a fashion to keep or carry fire-arms or weapons.
  • Betting on Cricket or Commodity Market. This too has become a cause of concern. Many old and young have now entered into this very lucrative business of betting on cricket or even on commodity market.
  • Crimes committed for property or land features in the top. In Nagpur city too, the cases of land grabbing using forged documents, help of corrupt police personnel and or using criminals has become common.
  • Gambling rackets going on under the guise of running Rummy Clubs (playing cards).
  • One more major number of cases that have come to fore is one where heavy amount is extorted after issuing a threat of implicating under Atrocities Act.
  • Some of the educated and conniving unscrupulous elements are also involved in threatening and extorting money by posing as Human Right Activists and or RTI Activists.
  • Sources also claimed that Nagpur is turning into the Capital of pickpockets. Sources claimed that many pickpockets go from Nagpur to all those places where people assemble in large numbers.
  • Many small time criminals are now involved in getting shops and houses vacated from tenants who are not vacating from the house or shops.
  • Many unscrupulous elements are involved in Sand stealing.
  • Small time criminals are also involved in sale and purchase of illicit liquor from and to neighbouring states. These elements are also said to be making a sizeable amount by smuggling liquor into dry cities (where sale and purchase of liquor is prohibited) like Wardha and Chandrapur.
  • Sources informed that police informers are not getting the importance that they enjoyed earlier nor are they paid according to the rising cost of living. The amounts offered are not enough to fulfill his needs to meet day to day expenses. The amount is not at par with the valuable tip off or information. On many occasions informants have informed or tipped off the cops before a crime was even committed and the cops were able to control or prevent crimes.
  • On most occasions, Special Branch and Intelligence Bureau of Police have 100% information of all the crimes and criminal activities but for personal benefits, the personnel of this department do not pass the information to their senior officials. The senior officials too are responsible for this. If coordination between all departments is maintained then the dreams of Chief Minister of bringing crime rate to zero will soon be a reality.
  • Sources claimed that many illegal activities occur in jurisdiction of local police stations, zone office and crime branch are known to the police personnel, but this information never comes to fore until some major or big crime is committed.

In order to bring crime rate to zero, the Commissioner of Police has to take regular Departmental meetings and create an atmosphere where public at large can go to police station to lodge a complaint or even to fulfill their duty as responsible citizen and pass out information to the police department. Sources claimed that Cops hassle anyone who does come forward to help anyone on humanitarian grounds.

By Rajeev Kushwaha