Published On : Wed, May 13th, 2015

Sunlight: UV- The invisible enemy

uvThis summer you have planned your holidays, your summer shopping but did you plan to purchase a sunglass, if yes so here are some important tips.

Why do we require a sunglass??? We always think about the intensity of sunlight, but we never think of UV radiations which are most dangerous. Unlike visible sunlight, UV radiations are invisible to the eye. Without realizing it, everyday under sunny or cloudy skies despite the season all of us exposed to UV radiations. On cloudy days sunglasses are not required is a myth.

UV radiations may damage eyesight, sometimes permanently. Regular exposure to UV radiations may cause Cataract, yellowish deposits on the sclera called pingueculae and Pterygium, are most commonly seen in field workers.

UV radiations causes or increases occurrence of cataract, using sunglasses with UV protection may delay it’s occurrence.

Protection against UV radiations for the eyes can be obtained only with the help of sunglasses. Darker the shade more the protection from UV is a myth. Colour of lenses & percentage of darkness has got nothing to do with UV protection. Darker shades without UV protection dilate the pupil & UV rays going inside your eyes increases, which are more dangerous. Even one can make his/her prescription spectacles with UV protection without any tint. Many lens materials and coatings available in market provide UV (400nm) protection.

A good quality sunglass has to be 100% (400 nm) UV rays protected. Cheaper sunglasses with 100% UV protection stickers is just a marketing trick, stickers can be made in thousands, that too with little amount of money. If you have to move in & out frequently photochromics are the good option for you, Transition’s lenses give 100% (400nm) UV protection.

Graduate tints (darker on top & lighter at bottom) are good for the person who has to read in sunlight like when you need to look into your mobile. If you are planning a holiday trip to seashores, polarized sunglasses are the best option. Polarized sunglasses are helpful for driving and can be made with your prescription too as well as provide UV protection.

Generally in my practice, I come across people who think sunglasses made up of plastic lenses are not good for eyes, while it’s just opposite. If you are driving & unfortunately meet with an accident there are chances glass lens can increase the severity of damage, while with plastic lenses such as polycarbonate & trivex which are high impact resistance can save your eyes & provide UV protection too. Facial wrap frames are good for two wheeler riders; it protects surrounding skin from UV & gives dust protection. Retro is in, so why not go trendy & protect your skin surrounding eyes.

Sunglasses are must for children but has to be 100% UV protected. Cheaper options are a strict no-no for their delicate eyes.

Always go for a branded deal at a reliable optical store. Beware of duplicity of branded products. Duplicate products can give you design but not comfort & protection.

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