Published On : Sun, Nov 16th, 2014

Sunday Steam :Kim Kardashian’s ‘assets’ display attracts bold comments from city fans


Call her a TV personality, a businesswoman, model, socialite or an actress, Kim Kardashian may be famous for her diversified roles in her public appearance but what really caught public attention is certainly her full bodied assets, particularly her butts, and she knew it. Which is why she appeared full monty on her rear side while posing for the cover page of Paper magazine.

The reality star shot a bare photo of her famous behind for Paper’s upcoming Winter 2014 issue, and it is something else.

While many of her fans are sure to take pleasure in the cover, Kardashian herself seems most pleased with the shot. In one of the pictures Kim is seen balancing a glass of wine on her nude ass.

Back in Nagpur, the shots have gone viral with mixed reactions coming from the bunch of her fans.

Ashish Ahuja commented, “After seeing Kim exposing her derrière on internet, I realised that my fantasy was far more flowery than what I saw in real. A bad attempt to please the fans. Try some another act Kim!”

Luvleen Mehta arguably said, “Nudity is not a big issue these days! Every other celebrity is shedding inhibitions to affirm their expression. So what’s such a big deal in Kim is exposing her rear to the world. Every male fan of Kim must have gone wild in his thoughts, fantasizing about her buttocks. So here it is … fully oiled ones as a bonanza to fans from her side!”

Abhinav Sengare appeared not too enthused with Kim’s latest move as he did not feel it was decent for international star of his status to show off her assets nude. “Even the hidden form was quite appealing whereas the exposed ones fail to make a mark,” says Abhinav.

Prachi Sharma says, “This is nothing but an extemist effort to save the diminishing popularity. It can happen to any star of her stature. When the world starts switching its attention from such hugely popular stars, the craving for limelight often leads them to resort to such acts. So Kim’s case too is no exception.”

Keshav Patil however was quite amused to see his favourite model in such a different avatar. “It felt as if all our fantasies came alive. My goodness!!! Its a ‘landmark’ sight to watch and enjoy. Go ahead Kim. We want some more of you!!”