Published On : Sun, Dec 20th, 2015

Sunday Satire : Protestors of Shahrukh & Bajirao are real leaders of this country!

dilwale-bajirao-protestFew among them allege that Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has termed us as ‘Intolerant’ and hence we would oppose tooth and nail his movie Dilwale and thus prove his statement ‘right’! Okay! Understood!! But what the hell Ranveer Singh said about intolerance? Then? Oh…It’s not him but his film is being opposed! Great man Yo! Protesting artist on one hand and even the art on the other? Great going bros…keep it up!!!

And what else can be expected from you guys!! After all we cannot expect you to protest against corruption, insanity, dishonesty, cruelty and injustice, can we?

But you too have a heart to disagree and protest in your so called breathing body….

We truly understand your problem bro…after all some medium is required to draw out frustration know…
So what if some ‘unwanted element’ teases your sister or passes lewd comments against your mother and you play safe by moving away from the mess just because you do not want to wag your tongue with the ‘low category’ person…We really understand now why you play up protesting Shahrukh Khan or Bajirao Mastani!

Now let’s see what you do away with …there is a heap of garbage stinking, diseases break out, sanitation at its worse and hordes of other issues bothering your locality but you cannot even think of approaching your area corporator and apprise them of your concern…oh come on bro, you will not do that! Because Shahrukh Khan and the makers of Bajirao Mastani are soft and do not rear any goons to keep you away and hence protesting against them is as easy as that! Great going man!

Oh yes! You have no qualms in offering bribe just to get your things done in time but when it comes to offering your services to someone, you shamelessly pounce for every penny! You display your act of being a man after you feast on chicken and mutton over two pegs of English wine. Then you need someone to vent your ire upon…after all its not good to beat wife and children every know! Then? Ofcourse you have film posters to tear apart, burn effigies of artist and other similar act of ‘daredevilry’ to solemnize so called ‘man’ within you! You take a leaf from Geeta and religiously follow the legend – Keep on with your deeds and do not heed on you the fruits…follow on…Go ahead!

Ya we know that you are a common man of the country and abide by the constitution which has served you every right to decide how those not among you, should do, eat, wear, speak and go and where he should go and how he should ultimately lead his life. Yes you are the one to decide how others should move every inch of their lives!
How nice of you bro! You are the messenger of god! Damn on those who think you are a fool, crazy and outrageous!
No you are not!

To tell you the fact, you are the real caretaker of the society and the country at large. It is you who make us aware of the existence of constitution in the country and of course it’s ‘helplessness’!

Obviously, it is you who let us know that law of the land is governed not by rules but by your might and stick!
Of course you make us realize that those really toiling and educating themselves, shedding their sweat for the nation’s progress are actually the biggest fools and nothing else!

You only make this thought firm that this country will never become a gold mine again till you share your existence on this land! Because to attain that golden status the country deadly needs harmony, peace and brotherhood….and you!! Forget the meaning of these words, you even need fortune to spell these words right!

Compiled from a piece of thought by Pushpendra Phalgun