Published On : Sun, Nov 8th, 2015

Sunday Alert# 7 Deadly Accident Spots in Nagpur


The growing vehicular population in Nagpur has led to some of the most fatal road accidents ever seen in the known history of Nagpur. While the drunken drive, over-speeding, traffic violation and naive driving are the factors that contribute to the increasing street accidents, the prime reason behind such road rage is certainly the lack of awareness among the citizens.
Nagpur Today tracks down 7 most accident proned spots around Nagpur.
We have taken the accident statistics and number of deaths reported during the period from 2012 to 2014 and listed the 7 highly unsafe stretches of Nagpur in terms of road traffic.


Khapri Naka
Dubbed as the high speed zone on city outskirts on Wardha road, this highway spot witnesses huge number of accidents, mostly on turning points. During the said period, 13 people lost their lives in some of the ghastly mishaps on this spot.



Chinchbhavan Chowk
As many as 8 people were left dead at this highly cluttered junction on Wardha road, clubbed with domestic traffic and unbridled truckers who often knock the bikers and other pedestrians to death.


Juna Pardi Naka Chowk
The area has gained notoriety for the crowded trucks lined up by the road side. This often confuses the commuters and they either ram into the stationary truck or get deviated off track to meet the tragedy. 8 people have succumbed to death during 2012 to 2014, while many others were left injured.


New Katol Naka
The stretch from new Katol naka till Sandipani witnessed 7 casualties and several seriously injured. The smooth stretch often prompts the bikers to zoom beyond speeding limits, resulting in fatalities.


Chamat Chakki Chowk Flyover
Flyovers have become a rage among the city speedsters and this often fly them off the track and more often lead them to death. 6 people have lost their lives from 2012 to 2014, leaving several others injured after vehicles ravaged to result into fatal accidents.


Somalwada, Wardha Road
A close look at the dividers around Somalwada square on Wardha road will reveal the frequency of the hits they received after vehicular collision. Many cases of vehicles knocking at the dividers have been reported at this spot. Though it led to few casualties, it caused serious trauma to those who faced it. 5 people were reported dead in the said period.


Old Amravati Naka, Near University Campus
Over speeding and drunken driving have led to some of the fatal accidents, particularly during the night time at this stretch. 5 people have lost their lives durning the said period.

Besides these spots, Mihan flyover on Wardha road, Omkar Nagar chowk, Automotive chowk and Parsodi, where 5 people each were reported dead, are also the unsafe traffic zones of Nagpur.
Moreover, Wathoda ring road, Mhalgi Nagar square, Telephone Exchange chowk, Gangabai Ghat, Mankapur Faras and Ordnance Factory gate on Aathwa mile also reported few accidents resulting in 3 to 4 deaths during the said period.
Stay safe as you traverse these areas in your luxury sedan or zoom past on your pet ride