Published On : Sat, May 3rd, 2014

Suicide victim turns alive after 9 hours at mortuary, Family creates ruckus at hospital

Nagpur News:
Fed up with daily quarrels and dowry demands from husband and in-laws, a married woman commits suicide. What was surprising is that, when the mortuary staff was preparing to perform the post-mortem, she shouted and got up.

According to the parents of the deceased, the woman identified as Sneha Pawan Bhalerao, aged 22 years, who is married and having a one-year-old baby and is a resident of Republican Nagar behind Deshpande’s Wheat Flour Mill, Jaripatka.

The parents alleged that the deceased Sneha was regularly harassed by the husband and in-laws over dowry demand. A month ago, Sneha had reportedly filed a case against her husband Pawan Bhalero for harassing her with dowry demand.

On May 2, 2014, as usual the couple had a full fledged fight and fed up with the constant harassing, Sneha committed suicide by hanging herself.

She was rushed to Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital (IGGMC or Mayo Hospital). The body was reportedly taken in the Police Van at around 8 am. The body was allegedly lying in the Police Van from 8 am to 10 am (two hours).

However, the lethargy and carelessness of the doctors of Mayo Hospital came to fore when the doctors asked the cops who had brought the body to the hospital to take the body to the Mortuary declaring her dead. Sources said that the doctors did not even touch her or verify if Sneha was dead or not.

The cops then took the body of Sneha to the Mortuary. There as the Mortuary staff was preparing to perform the post-mortem and one of the staff pressed her stomach, Sneha allegedly cried loud and sat up. The mortuary staff realized that she is not dead and rushed her to the Emergency Ward.

She was administered emergency treatment, however at around 8 pm, she passed away. Irked by this, initially the family members of both the Pawans’s side as well as Sneha’s side quarreled with each other. Later they turned their anger towards the Hospital authorities. The parents of the deceased Sneha alleged that had the doctors attended to Sneha when she was brought to the hospital, she could have been saved. The body was lying unattended for nearly 2 hours. Later on too, the mortuary staff had not attended to her, had they done that on time, they could have realized that she is alive and life-saving procedures could have performed.

The doctors of IGGMC, realizing their mistake escaped from the hospital. They locked the main door of the hospital. Realizing that the problem could escalate, the management of IGGMC summoned the police. A strong posse of 6 vans arrived at the spot and tight security was maintained at the hospital to avoid any untoward incident.

According to latest information ,the husband and in-laws have been arrested by cops after preliminary investigations.

Police informed, the deceased Sneha Pawan Bhalerao (25), a resident of New Indora, near Deshpande flour mill, Barakholi, married the accused Pawan Haridas Bhalerao (32) in the year 2008. However, soon after the marriage, her husband and in-laws Antakala Haridas Bhalerao (mother-in-law), aged 55; Sharda Rajesh Borkar (40), started harassing her physically and mentally for want of dowry. They tortured her continuously. However, the tortures never mellowed down but increased with every passing day.

On Friday, the accused planned to finish her off and hanged her to the ceiling with the help of a dupatta. The accused tried to present it to be a suicide case. However, preliminary investigations revealed that the woman was badly beaten and on the basis of the statements from her maternal relatives and neighbours, Jaripatka police arrested Sneha’s husband Pawan, mother-in-law Antakala, ad Sharda under murder charges. Cops have registered an offence under Sections 302 and 34 of the IPC.