Published On : Thu, May 29th, 2014

Success needs regular touch with subjects, says CBSE 12th joint topper Anushka Gupta

Anushka Gupta with her family

Anushka Gupta with her family

Nagpur News.

Joint Topper for CBSE class 12th commerce, Anushka Gupta believes that success requires your regular touch with the subjects. She shares, “Unless you practice regularly, you cannot get practical experience of the topic.”

Talking to Nagpur Today, Anushka said she would like to attribute her success to his parents, elder-sister, teacher, friends and above all amighty god for blessing her. Sharing her study schedule she said that she studied for three to four hours on regular days after coming from school and five to six hours during examinations.

She said that she had gone to Tuitions for two subjects – Accounts and Mathematics. She polished and practiced Accounts at Vidarbha Professional Academy, while Mathematics from private tuitions. She said that Vipul Vohra of VTA needs due recognition for her success.

However, Anushka said that classes at school or tuition classes are not enough. ”You need to study on your own about what is taught in the school while tuitions are equally important. There is no substitute to hard work and regular practice and revisions are what make the subject well-learnt,” she said.

Anushka viewed that Commerce is not a subject that you learn once, forget about it and just revise during examinations. “You should keep in regular touch with the subject,” she quipped.

In her message to her juniors, she said be satisfied with what marks you have got and don’t just run behind marks. She advised juniors to put-in 100% efforts along with hard work. Dedication and focus alone will help one to succeed.

Anuskha claimed that during examinations, she had got tensed and her sister and parents had motivated and supported her, which gave her the confidence to succeed. Anushka said that when the studies caused too much tension, she used to either listen to music, play basketball or even dance as a means to de-stress herself.

She wants to become a Chartered Accountant.