Published On : Fri, Aug 31st, 2012

Style V/S Fashion – Whats Next ?

Whats Next? Fashion or Style.What you are going to choose? When I think of fashion, I think of what’s “in”. What the latest trend or design is…and that’s usually based on season and what the fashion icons are wearing.

When I think of style, I think of the current fashion. Kind of… how you incorporate the latest designs into your wardrobe. Style is about individualism and self-expression. Fashion is a guide for style (or for some more like a law to follow). It can give you new ideas. Ultimately, everyone has their own style…how they put together their outfit, how they match, what statement they want to make, etc. and that may or may not change with/adapt to the current fashion.

Basically, Style is individual’s dress choice. Fashion is what many people are wearing/the STYLE of dress many people are adopting.

Well being the Fashion Lover I can say , Fashion ,is a person or group acception of what is ok to wear which is usually determined by whats on the runway, but is not limted to just that thats why some peole are fashion followers and others are trend setters. Style on the other hand is how that person or group of people put their fashion together to wear. Just to keep it short and sweet!

New York women are among the most fashionable women on the face of the earth. They are also among the least stylish. Confused? If so, you aren