Published On : Sat, Jan 9th, 2016

Stunner: 15 Registers of dispute cases, petitions stolen from Family Court

Nagpur: In a daring act, unidentified miscreants struck at the core of Family Court in the supposedly safe and secure premises of sprawling District Court and decamped with crucial registers, 15 in total, of dispute cases and petitions. The stunning incident took place between 6.30 pm of Thursday and 9 am of Friday. The appalling theft has left police and court circles rattled and baffled as well. The red-faced Sadar police have launched a massive hunt to nab the perpetrators of audacious crime.

The theft came to notice when one of the employees of the Family Court, Usha Rajendra Naidu (47) of Technical Department and resident of Plot No. 312, Regency Plaza Apartment, Patel Nagar, Gittikhadan, reported to duty on Friday morning. As Usha was cleaning the office, she found some registers lying on floor and the rack of registers ransacked. When Usha carried out a check of the registers in the rack, she was aghast to notice a total of 15 vital registers of dispute cases and petitions missing. The desperadoes, reaching hands through a window, laid their hands on Register No. 1, 19 Case No. 147/2009 to 64/201, Register No. 1, 10 Case No. 64/2010 to 261/2010, Register No. 11, Case No. 262/2010 to 118/11, Register No. 13, Case No. 318/11 to 140/2012, Register No. 16, Case No. 342/16 2013 to 47/2014, Petition D Register No. 6, Petition E Register No. 37, Petition RD Register No. 111, Petition ER Register No. 14 and 15 and decamped with the crucial documents.

Sadar PSI Varpade, acting on the complaint filed by Usha Naidu, has booked the accused under Section 380 of IPC and mounted a massive hunt to trace the stolen registers and capture the offenders.

It is surmised that the theft could have been given effect by certain disputing party or parties with the clear motive of putting hurdles or influencing the Family Court cases.