Published On : Mon, Aug 18th, 2014

Student of YCCE drowns in Ambazhari Lake

Yet another YCCE student from outstation loses life in city.

The inflatable raft brought by the fire department for the search and rescue operation.

The inflatable raft brought by the fire department for the search and rescue operation.

Nagpur News: Tragedy has once again struck the YCCE when one of its students drowned in Ambazhari Lake at about 4 pm on August 17, 2014. The name of the ill-fated student is said to be Pranav Jajodia aged 19 years and a student of the first year.  This student is said to be from Mumbai.

One of the Professors of YCCE named Vijay Thakre, who was present at the scene said that it is only 15 days ago that these students had taken admissions in the college.

With 5 days of holidays at a trot, most of the students from outside Nagpur chose to go to their native places. However, these 5 students chose to stay back and enjoy a picnic at Ambazhari Lake.

These 5 students had sat on the platform hosting the valve to pump water. After some time, Pranav decided to take a dive into the lake. He urged the rest too. After he dived in, two more of his friends too followed him. However, since they did not feel comfortable in the deep water, they anyhow came to the edge and one of the other students who was standing on top, pulled them up with a towel.

Ambulance ready to take the body

Ambulance ready to take the body

Pranav was said to be a seasoned and trained swimmer. However, what went wrong is still not clear, since, his friends said that he went in and failed to come out. It was then the panic set in and they started shouting for help. Someone informed the Ambazhari police. They in turn summoned the fire department, who came with two inflatable boats and searched desperately. However, by then it had turned dark and searching became an impossible task.

The fire department has since called off the search and has decided to resume their search from7 am on August 18. Sources added that trained swimmers from Futala slums are also summoned for the search operation.

Prof. Thakre told Nagpur Today that all the remaining boys are totally shaken up and scared to death. He added that only a few days ago after the car accident which claimed the life one student of the college, the Principal had called all the students and had warned them to be careful, yet these students have once again let him down.