Published On : Mon, May 4th, 2015

Stronger measures in-place at Nagpur Central Jail


DIG Sathe1

As soon as the no-nonsense DIG Swati Sathe took charge of Nagpur Central Jail as stop-gap arrangement until Vitthal Jadhav joins, she has initiated many positive changes in the Nagpur Central Jail.

Many activities like the hour-long Yoga classes have been re-introduced in Nagpur Central Jail. This is seen as a sign of administration regaining control over the prisoners after prolonged chaos following the escape of five under-trials from barracks on March 31.

Sources said that DIG Sathe is planning to start a saloon in the jail with some inmates having skills for the work. She also intends that proper infrastructure is being prepared for opening the saloon for inmates soon. Sources added that plans are in the pipeline to introduce new schemes to generate some income utilizing work of inmates. While speaking to media personnel, DIG Sathe said that convicts are required to work as a part of their sentence.

Other reform measures too are being introduced to remove the shortcomings prevailing in the jail that led to the jail break in Nagpur. A big police van is stationed outside the Nagpur Central Jail with personnel from the crime branch. They are empowered to enter into the prison at any time and conduct a detailed search and seizure operations inside the jail. They are equipped with metal detectors that can detect mobile phones, blades etc.

The prison working is slowly transforming itself to how it ought to have been functioning.